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β„™π•†π•Ž! π•Žβ„π”Έπ•„! π‚πŽπŒπˆπ‚π’ – Con Deluxe Edition

As promised from the previous episode of Pow! Wham! Comics – Here is the big ol’ SDCC round up as I am joined by Robert in our discussion of all things SDCC with a various amount of topics such as why is there barely any comic news? Why is Aquaman a pirate now? What improvements have been made in releasing trailer footage?

Exciting topics such as those and yet another DC/Marvel debate as Robert still isn’t completely sold on the idea of Rebirth.

Behold, faithful listeners! Here is a special bonus addition for Pow! Wham! Comics – Con Deluxe Edition

Comic-Con Comics Movies News Trailers

SDCC16: Justice League Special Comic-Con Footage


Gah, the new DC Comics Justice League movie footage from San Diego Comic-Con 2016 looks like a bad extension of the terrible Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The silvery blue dark themes and tones are boring. They’re making Aquaman some reject from Game of Thrones, Flash is a hacker (?) & Cyborg just looks wrong. Bruce / Batman falls flat & only joy is Wonder Woman in the trailer. Enjoy if you’re into this crap.

Comic-Con Comics Movies News Trailers

SDCC16: Wonder Woman trailer


The biggest trailer news is the official DC Comics San Diego Comic-Con 2016 trailer for #WonderWoman, starring Gal Gadot! Check it out. I’m unsure about this film, the trailer is good but somehow it doesn’t excite me as 99% of the fandom out there.

Comic-Con Comics News Trailers

SDCC16: New Dr. Strange trailer!


Fresh from last weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con 2016, Marvel’s Doctor Strange got a new trailer, check it out! Doctor Strange will be in theaters November 4, 2016.

Comics News Trailers

Talking Comics for 07.27.16 – Batgirl #1, Nightwing #1, Predator Vs Judge Dredd Vs Aliens #1 & More!


Sorry for the delay… Check out Talking Comics this week July 27th, 2016 which stars Chris Hunter & Randy “the SAVAGE BEAST” Young and here’s what they’re talking about this week: Talking Comics for 07.27.16Batgirl #1, Nightwing #1, Predator Vs Judge Dredd Vs Aliens #1 & More!

Also don’t forget their upcoming GEEK’D CON at their Excalibur Comics Cards and Games store on August 19th – 21st with big news of Johnny Mundo (formerly WWE John Morrison) is coming to their GEEK’D CON along with guests like George Perez, Tara Reid & Elvira herself! More info here on the Geek’D Con website:

Comic-Con Comics Featured Podcasts Trailers TV Shows

β„™π•†π•Ž! π•Žβ„π”Έπ•„! π‚πŽπŒπˆπ‚π’ – Con Edition (July 20th)

This week on Pow! Wham! Comics – it’s a pretty light week in terms of comics being released as meanwhile in San Diego, every possible media spin off from comics is making their debut to the masses, both in person at the Hall H or online.

In the first part, find out what John Constantine is up to in Hellblazer, what’s going on during Civil War 2 this week and a special cameo is in Nova.

In the second part, we’ll discuss all the announcements made at SDCC and how the big two finally realized that the internet exist as thankfully, all the cool trailers have shown up on youtube in high quality compared to phone leaks like last year’s Β SDCC.

Double the fun as we get into this part one edition of Pow! Wam! Comics – Con edition!

Comic-Con Gaming Trailers

SDCC16: Injustice 2 – Official Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle Trailer


A new trailer for the upcoming Injustice 2 game featuring Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle. Wonder Woman’s hair in that trailer is 1990’s Mortal Kombat video game bad. Blah but BOY do they make her look great in her attacks. Blue Beetle looks like some fun to play. The game will be out on PS4, XBoxOne & PC in 2017.

Comic-Con Comics News Trailers TV Shows



Seriously, HOW awesome does this new show look, sound and feel? The new JUSTICE LEAGUE ACTION animated show CANNOT air fast enough! I have my issues w DC Comics but their animation shows are almost beyond measure of brilliance. ANY trailer that starts with “Batman to Justice League” AND has Swamp Thing on it’s show is freaking AWESOME! Enjoy!

From YouTube:
JUSTICE LEAGUE ACTION producers gave Comic-Con 2016 attendees a first look at the highly anticipated Warner Bros. Animation series coming soon to Cartoon Network. During the show’s Thursday, July 21, panel, which also included voice cast members Kevin Conroy and Diedrich Bader, attendees were treated to this special highlight reel previewing all the upcoming action fans can expect every week. #WBSDCC

Comic-Con Comics News Trailers TV Shows

SDCC’16: SWEET CHRISTMAS! Netflix Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil S3 & Marvel Sizzle Reel


Here it is in all it’s glory, the new Netflix Luke Cage teaser trailer! Sweet Christmas! Also check out the teaser trailers for Iron Fist, Daredevil Season 3, The Defenders and a Marvel Sizzle Reel below…

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Comic-Con Comics Rant

San Diego Comic-Con ’16 News We Want!

San Diego Comic-Con 2016 is upon us, just check out the Nerdist Comic-Con: the Musical! for some fun. Here’s what we’re looking for comic book news from Comic-Con that will begin to be released starting tomorrow.

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