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This may simply be the VERY best thing for Marvel’s Agents of Shield TV show as it’s become such a boring & uninteresting Marvel TV show that I almost didn’t finish watching it last season. This is the ONLY thing that interests me anymore and I’m sure they’ll fnck it up but until then, check out the newest video! Is it to early to ask that the new #GhostRider to kill Daisy?! Also to clarify, this isn’t any of the demonic bike riding Ghost Riders (Johnny Blaze or Danny Ketch) or the pale horse / Phantom Rider (Carter Slade), this is the flaming car racing Ghost Rider’s Spirit of Vengeance that has bonded with the soul of Robbie Reyes.

Marvel’s Agents of Shield returns Tuesday, Sept 20th at a new time 10pm PDT.

The look of Ghost Rider isn’t too far off from the promos…

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