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BtS Radio episode #2 (Feb 15, 2017)

Here’s our 2nd episode of our Between the Staples Radio Show as a podcast! I went 2.5 hours after a fumble this morning at 10am to get started as it took a bit due to mic issues but NONE of that is on the podcast which is why I went and rambled on. I started with a song then talked about the following: LEGO BATMAN & JOHN WICK Chapter 2 movies, CW TV shows The Flash & Arrow. A musical song break. More Arrow then I went on about some comics that I’ve been reading for both Marvel & DC. Lastly, I talked some video games I’m playing (The Division, How to Survive 2, Destiny, GTAOnline) & thoughts on them and ended with some more quick points on Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and Agents of Shield. Enjoy! Remember. NSFW. Use headphones!

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