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BtS Radio Podcast Returns Friday July 7th!

BtS Radio podcast returns Friday July 7th

BtS Radio Podcast Returns Friday July 7th! Book it in your smart phone. We are returning with Between the Staples Radio podcast on Friday, July 7th at 10am PST and with one OR more guests (like maybe Nafda from Wham Pow Comics Podcast or Hartley from The Hartley Show or both?)! Lots of talk about this weeks comic books like Deadpool Kills Marvel Universe Again #1, Spider-Man Master Plan #1, Unholy Grail #1, Casper The Friendly Ghost #1, Cloudia & Rex #1, Green Hornet 66 meets Spirit #1, Jem & The Holograms Misfits Infinite #1, Lady Mechanika Clockwork Assassin #1, Zodiac Starforce Cries of Fire Prince #1, Ash vs Army of Darkness #1, Avengers #9, X-Men Gold #7, Sacred Creatures #1 along with the upcoming Marvel Legacy News and various DC Comics news about Dark Days & all their upcoming books. Along with we’ll be talking all movies from Wonder Woman to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 to Transfomers 5 and Fast & the Furious 8. Lastly we may touch on some new Vid games and geek collectibles like Funko Pops!

To catch up on this weeks comics, check out this weeks Talking Comics here:

Tune in and have a listen on BtS Radio Friday July 7th!