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BtS Radio Podcast Show – July 7, 2017

BtS Radio Podcast Show – July 7, 2017

Here is it, Hartley & I talked about the BtS Radio Podcast Show – July 7, 2017 for 3 AWESOME HOURS! We talked about a great many things (CAREFUL WE SWEAR – Even during the beginning / intro) from various era’s of different Comic Books, The Question, Blue Devil, Deadman, ShadowPact, Vertigo, New 52, 52 Series, Greg Rucka, Comic Book Creators, Artists, Geoff Johns, James Robinson, Comics, creators, Human Nature, Retailers vs Sales vs the Consumer, Marvel, DC, Movies (Man of Steel – again, Spider-Man), TV Shows (Flash, Arrow & Downward Dog!). WE BOTH LOVE DOWNWARD DOG TV SHOW! If you EVER Love Dogs, go WATCH the show where and when you can!! We also go into Man of Steel (yet again and we had LOTS of great discussions), Justice League & Teen Titans cover art discussions. We also go over Trolling & fun discussion about Stanley Kubrick & the fake Lunar Landing (article below) then Flat Earth rants.


Also we take a break and let Stevie Wonder’s Skeletons playing while we got more Coffee & Tea!

LOTS of Geek Talk with Hartley from The Hartley Show:

Here’s the article we were talking about & referencing (likely NOT well) from The Comics Beat (GREAT GREAT Comic Book Website!!) re Retailers & Marvel Comics these days (GREAT ARTICLE!):

Also here’s the Madefire Comic Reading Tablet App online that Hartley mentioned & we talked about:

Stanley Kubrick shot the Lunar Landing (NOT but read on, it’s a funny article)…