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April 2016 Comic book Reviews – Part 1

Alright, I know it’s been a while from any new comic book related posts so here it is, I’ve spent a while catching up on all comics for April 2016 and here they are. Yes, I read some DC Comics before my self imposed boycott (which I’ll elaborate on further in another post) but mostly Marvel and some Indie books.

DC COMICS (& IDW for Bats + TMNT)

Batman – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #5
I like this series, it has a wonderful throw back to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I used to read & love. Add in Batman and Damien Robin, HOW could this be a bad book? Right. It can’t be. It’s not. It’s LOTS of fun with good intrigue, action and fun crossing the path of these great heroes. If you EVER loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, just pick this up yesterday!

Black Canary #10 & Black Canary Trade #1
Strange. I thought I would really enjoy this series after they did a marketing event of releasing songs by Black Canary & her band. That said, the series is just okay. Maybe it’s because I’m NOT keen on any musical band type stories or that Black Canary is a singer in a band but it didn’t really click for me. Sorry, I don’t think this series is written for me. I do like the cover art of the series though.

Harley Quinn & The Suicide Squad April Fools’ Special #1
I can’t completely put my finger on it but I REALLY didn’t like this book. I don’t know if it how Harley Quinn was written but it was just OFF for me. Everything was off, strange and not enjoyable. Felt like I kept reading page after page to FIND something to enjoy. Not a good thing.


Guardians of the Galaxy #7
I’m very LOVE & HATE on Bendis’ run on Guardians of the Galaxy. This new team that includes The Thing seemed like the initial story of the new launch was a few issues decompressed to fit a trade. It was SO obvious that is made the book drag along. Then they hit with Issue #6 focusing specifically on Star-Lord and Kitty Star-Lord where they’re making the relationship going through some troubles. Guess I’m tired of reading relationship problems AGAIN in ANOTHER Marvel Comic. Gah. Then with this months issue, it’s a great Rocket Raccoon & The Thing story line which makes me wonder What the Hell is going on with the Guardians of the Galaxy as suddenly they’re spread apart in separate stories but in Bendis storytelling fashion, he doesn’t tell you right away and builds to the reason WHY later. Exact same template is being used in the upcoming Civil War issue #0. I’m getting TIRED of this storytelling, I’d rather just know WTF is going on before it happens & then work towards the big wrap up / fight / climax.

Spider-Man Deadpool #4
Okay. This series is hilarious, fun and just as silly as I’d hoped it would be. Spidey & ‘Pool go on a double-date with a Succubus & the new Thor which leads to all kinds of fun for the guys. Then as FUN as the book is, it ends on a TOTAL WTF page where Deadpool finishes his job then phones Spidey like nothing wrong happened. Sadly, his job is to kill Peter Parker (and yes, he doesn’t know Spider-Man is Peter Parker or visa versa). Solid book that I’m looking forward to see what happens.


Avengers Standout: books in April
(Uncanny Avengers #8, New Avengers #9 & #10, Illuminati #6, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. #4, All-New, All-Different Avengers #8, Captain America #8, Avengers Standout: Assault on Pleasant Hill Omega #1)

This mini-Marvel comics “inner” Avengers books event. The story is simple, Maria Hill uses a cosmic cube called “Kobik” to make a small town where they wiped the minds of imprisoned villains to live other lives in the town of Pleasant Hill instead of jailing them until they break out again. Of course, it all goes wrong and leaks by Marvel’s Snowden “The Whisperer” aka Rick Jones which leads Winter Solider & Captain America onto Pleasant Hill. When the villains start to remember their past lives, things go wrong and sadly, at the point – so does this story in all the books. The villains suddenly change back to their former selves and then it gets both chaotic & confusing. Various books have certain teams fighting the villains OR suddenly being turned into Pleasant Hill residents who need to re-learn that they were heroes JUST as they’re killed / attacked by villains BUT NO, Kobik saves the heroes for them to return to who they were and be able to fight the on-coming attack from all the villains. Then somehow other stories are kinda related by not (re: New Avengers) which makes the story / cross-over more confusing. Much like almost EVERY Marvel event, it starts strong and fizzles out. By the time the ending book Avengers Standout: Assault on Pleasant Hill Omega #1 came out, I just didn’t care. Also I HATED the story that Wendell Vaughn couldn’t handle being Quasar anymore that he went to Maria Hill to join Pleasant Hill & have a new life. YET he gives the Quantum Bands to a SHIELD agent Avril Kincaid because? Reasons. *shrugs* Guess it’s good to have a new Quasar back in the Marvel Universe but didn’t like Wendell Vaughn’s story. The big “twist” at the end of this series is that both the Red Skull & Hydra are back? Um… yeah… don’t care. I prefer Baron Zemo over Red Skull.

Black Panther #1 2016
Black Panther #1
Gonna be honest, I thought that the cost of this book was TOO HIGH for a Marvel 1st issue. That said, I eventually broke down and bought it and just… WOW. A very powerful book in which Black Panther focuses entirely Wakanda. The people, the warriors and those around their King, T’Challa aka The Black Panther. I loved this book, it builds a wonderful threat and complicated nature of ruling & politics. Looking forward to this series moving forward. Thank-you to all involved.

Moon Knight #1 2016-
Moon Knight #1
I’m a huge Moon Knight fan and this is a good twist on the series. Is Marc Spector Moon Knight? Has he ever been? Is Marc really Steven Grant? Or Jake Lockley? Any of his former aliases? Or wait, is Steven Grant the real person and Marc Spector & Moon Knight just figments of Steven’s imagination? Who is who? Why is Moon Knight seeing and talking to Khonshu? Is Khonshu real? is Moon Knight real? LOTS of great ideas in the book and it could lead to a great new story for Moon Knight. Stunning artwork, wonderful cover art and enjoyable writing by Jeff Lemire. More please! PLEASE! For the love of Khonshu! 🙂

Okay sadly, these are all the comics I’ve gotten around to doing reviews on. I know, bad me. That’s why this is just PART 1 of… well, I won’t say given my schedule of late. Hope you enjoyed and pick up a book or three to read.

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