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DC Comics still mute on Sexual Harassment

Doomsday & Superman Art by Ray Dillon

It’s been a few weeks and DC Comics or Time Warner still haven’t made ANY comments on the news about Sexual Harassment. Rather, more news has been new allegations against a senior art director at DC Comics. It’s crazy, upsetting and frustrating. Here are some very well written articles about the subject of DC Comics still being mute on Sexual Harassment…

This VERY good article from Comics Bulletin on the whole situation is SO on point that she has me re-thinking about my idea of a Boycott of any property of DC Comics, have a read:

THIS quote from her article is SO good!

This isn’t about a witch hunt. This is far from that. This is about taking a community we all love and care about – a celebration of the coolest art form humans have ever created – and making it better, making it stronger, making it more sustainable. To do that, we have to work together. People on the inside of the industry need to speak up, and draw some lines. People on the outside need to speak out, and demand better from the publishers. And we need to change the culture that makes it impossible for victims to speak up without being further harassed or afraid of losing their jobs. It’s a massive effort, yes, but it is easily doable if there’s a sincere enough commitment from all involved. I know the commitment is there from the comics community of fans. I know there are committed creators. What remains to be seen is if the publishers are ready to leave the kids table and join the grown ups.

Also The Outhousers have many good articles on the subject, especially this one about CBR and deleted forum posts in regards to the subject:

It seems Newsarama finally made a post about the whole Eddie Berganza situation and that’s good. Did they give ANY editorial or insight? Hell now, they don’t want to BURN that bridge with DC Comics and on that, I do understand… to a point. If you’re ONLY going to be talking about the GOOD a comic book company does, people WILL grow tired of coming to your website for news because in the end, it’s NOT news, it’s PROMOTION.

That’s WON’T happen here. I won’t shut up, I won’t give up and to quote from the wonderful Outhousers article…

That’s something we all need to stand together and demand. And that’s why we can’t let this story fade away. Keep talking about it on social media. Keep writing about it on your blog or website. And keep holding the media accountable as well. If we all work together, we can make a difference.

This weekend is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. I’m not going to ask you to NOT pickup a free Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman comic book but perhaps just go on social media and say something like this…

@DCComics @JimLee Dan Didio This is your reminder – Sexual Harassment CANNOT BE FORGOTTEN, SILENCED OR MUTED!

Feel free to COPY & PASTE into your social media of choice.

I plan to keep my Boycott on DC Comic books but I don’t know if it even matters if I watch / don’t watch the movies or TV shows, especially considering I’m watching from Canada. Our stats barely matter to Hollyweird. I will lift my boycott on DC Comic news but I’ll be quite a jerk about my posts and likely GO back to linking to this post again and again.

This matters fandom, please let’s not forget that & do something about it. Speak up!

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