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We invaded FanExpo Vancouver 2016!

Okay so FanExpo Vancouver was like over a weekend ago but I needed that long to recover. Click for more info…

It was a wonderful comic book / geek convention where I got to meet a ton of people, saw a ton of cool things to buy, bought some cool things (Dr. Doom figure), watched some panels, meet a great actor Neal McDonough (Damien Dark on Arrow / Legends of Tomorrow) and got to cap it off with a wonderful show in An Evening with Kevin Smith (got some blurry photos of that)!

Oh yes, I also rocked my Excalibur Comics, Cards & Games t-shirt during the entire event. REPRESENT!!

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A great time had with all. SO MUCH great cosplay, loved all the fun & energy from everyone! Thank-you Fan Expo Vancouver and our crew!

My big buy – Stealth Dr. Doom figure!

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