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Marvel’s X-Men ResurrXion Full Details

Marvel’s X-Men ResurrXion is the new upcoming re-branding / refresh of the X-Men books. New books, new titles, new X-books starting back at issue 1. Is this new refresh something to look forward to? Hmm… maybe. Here are all the creator & book plot details for all the upcoming new X-Men comic books.

More X-Men ResurrXion details here from Entertainment Weekly website:

Check out our thoughts on all the new books, creators and concepts below…


Writer: Various writers of all the new series (seen below) Artist: Ken Lashley

Robert: This book is the primer for new & old X-Men fans with the new refresh of all these books for the X-Men & Marvel’s mutants.

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X-Men Gold

Writer: Marc Guggenheim Artist: Ardian Syaf

Robert: So Kitty Pryde will lead her own X-Men team of Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Old Man Logan and Rachel Grey. I’m kinda torn on this upcoming book but I do like Marc Guggenheim’s Marvel work so I’m hoping this is the strong X-Men book of the bunch. I do hope this book deals with the proper fall out from Death of X, even though that book was a prequel story – that book’s ending landed like a brick. A hard thud with ZERO interest or fallout. No Cable or Rachel at Scott Summers funeral. Blah, whatever.

Ian: This title doesn’t feel that much different in terms of how Extraordinary X-Men is being handled aside from Rachel being around. I’m really not impressed with Guggenheim being on board with as he has experience with providing a bit of Rachel’s backstory but I feel like it’ll overshadow the rest of the team dynamic which is one of the weaker parts of Lemire’s run on the X-Men.

Robert: This is a STUNNING cover art. Hope the interior of the book has the same style as I like how Nightcrawler & Rachel Grey look.

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X-Men Blue

Writer: Cullen Bunn Artist: Jorge Molina

Robert: Remember those original five X-Men that Bendis wrote into the current Marvel universe? Yeah? Well good ’cause that’s who’s on X-Men blue. Jean Grey, Cyclops, Iceman, Beast, and Angel will continue to be stuck in the “present day” as opposed to their X-Men past. Now supposedly the team will be working with Magneto who they suddenly hate even though he’s been an X-Men with them for YEARS NOW but hey, don’t worry about that fact. I do like that they’re giving Jean Grey the role of leadership vs obvious Cyclops.

Ian: All New X-Men is pretty lackluster as it is and the whole time travel X-Men is pretty stale as well. While the idea of Emma trying to tempt Cyclops to the dark side and having Magneto being the voice of reason, it could be an interesting angle.

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Jean Grey

Writer: Dennis Hopeless Artist: Victor Ibanez

Robert: I’m not sure about this book until I read this part from an interview with Daniel Ketchum, X-Men editor:
Ketchum says that writer Dennis Hopeless’ pitch for the series was that in between her adventures with the team Jean Grey will also be traveling the Marvel Universe in preparation for this encounter. “She’s going to study with Doctor Strange and maybe have an adventure alongside Ghost Rider,” says Ketchum. “Anyone who knows something about other forces or being possessed, or speaks to the mission she’s undergoing she’s going to have an adventure with.”

Ian: Hopeless, writer of Teenager Death Arena and Spider-Woman’s baby adventures? NOPE

Robert: Studying with Doctor Strange? Okay, I’m in now!

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Writer: Sina Grace Artist: Alessandro Vitti

Robert: I SO hope this book isn’t a big drama story about older Iceman trying to find his place but MORE of a super fun book of Bobby Drake in the Marvel Universe.

Ian: A fun team up book would be pretty nice but I get the feeling this will be half CW relationship drama with lazy romance concept of his inhuman love interest named Romeo.

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Writer: James Robinson Artist: Carlos Pacheco

Robert: Fuck. I’m not a fan of James Robinson so I don’t shive a git about this book. Meh. It’s Cable jumping around the past like Legends of Tomorrow TV show. BOOOOOOOOORING!

Ian: It’s funny that I could picture Guggen doing exactly that with this title. I guess Lemire is too busy already doing soldier like character with Bloodshot as it is. Scarlet Witch was pretty underwhelming, still feels like he’s burnt out after the fallout with DC.

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Generation X

Writer: Christina Strain Artist: Amilcar Pinna

Robert: So this is a rag tag group of kids, Nature Girl, Eye Boy, Bling, and Quentin Quire just to name a few and led by Jubilee. I’m VERY unsure of this book, will they be able to pay homage to the original Generation X book OR should it stand on its own in some unique way? I’d hope this book is VERY DIFFERENT in an X-Statix type way.

Ian: As a first time writer with Strain making her debut from being color artist to a writer, this book could easily fall into the fanbase divide that Mockingbird had in which a little restraint could make the quirky nature of the book less of a cringing factor.

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Weapon X

Writer: Greg Pak Artist: Greg Land

Robert: So this will be the Black Ops team of the X-Men, going out and doing all the dirty work for the better sake of mutant kind. *SIGH* The team will be Old Man Logan, Sabretooth, Warpath, Lady Deathstrike, and Domino. Wow. How un-predictable.

Ian: The saving grace for this book will have to be the tone. If it’s an over the top The Expendables kind of deal, I could get behind this as Pak knows how to do humour and action as demonstrated in his Incredible Hercules run.

Robert: This book already sounds boring. They did this ages ago when 616 Wolverine ran X-Force with Warpath, X-23 & others.

Marvel’s X-Men ResurrXion

Robert: Overall. I’m not super impressed with all the book creators & series pitches. I’m a huge X-Man fan so I’ll be following along but I just don’t feel that these new X-Men books feel that coherent with one another any type of theme or feel. It seems like each of the books will have their own style which is kinda disappointing. I WANTED a big throw back feel & theme when they first did the X-Men Blue & Gold books. They had ONE common threat. ONE common theme. Now, it’s all over the place and/or boring refresh books (ie. Weapon X). Here’s hoping these books will be good and strong.

Ian: Lackluster talent with lots of debuts with a lot of odd choices. I don’t see how this is that much of a depart from how the X-Brand is being handled as it is. The main titles for X-Men will most likely already have the same tone range that the current ones have, spin off series that have a small fanbase (a solo Iceman title? Why?). Death of X clearly proved how ridiculous of a concept to pit inhumans against mutants and this new launch is a half way effort of saying sorry as the marketing appeal (Inhuman MCU flick – please love our brand) overshadows any effort to get Marvel to tell interesting stories without relying on modern quirkiness and trendy fads that become dated pretty quickly (hence no All Different Dazzler title being considered).

X-Men: PRIME will be released Spring 2017 so we’ll see how it turns out.

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