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No BtS Radio this week

Sorry folks, there’ll be NO Between the Staples Radio show / Podcast this week. I’m currently recovering from a back injury. Hopefully we get back on track next week and have some more fun on the air & in podcast form!

Please understand that this entire site is done as a hobby for our love all things Geek. We hope to spread that love with podcasts and other posts / articles but this isn’t our full time job.

Between the Staples Radio show / Podcast is a bi-weekly show. I’m hoping to be back on track next week as there’s a ton to talk about. What’s up with DC Comics lately? Actually, we’ll have a good Hartley Show about that tomorrow! Marvel Comics Reboot – WTF? Also we can chat Logan & Kong Skull Island (once I’ve seen them) plus we’re heading into early Summer Blockbusters with movies like Ghost in the Shell & Power Rangers just weeks away. Also the TV shows from The Flash to Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow and The Walking Dead all will have lots of discuss about. That’s not to mention Legion, The Magicians plus the upcoming of American Gods & Into The Badlands.

Oh yes, there’s LOTS to talk about for the next show, trust me. πŸ˜‹πŸ‘

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