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Cape fever doesn’t seem to have an expire date, it won’t slow down even when some shows just aren’t at their previous peak (*cough* Arrow *cough*). We’re on the fourth season of Arrow, the second for Flash and there’s been some stumbling with Constantine but hey, he showed up on Arrow for nice cameo. The boldest idea, at least in terms of the current DC led shows as seen on teen drama central CW, is the concept of a scaled back Avengers deal in term of team unit but with roster of characters that appeared either on Arrow or Flash.

This would be Legends of Tomorrow which features a ragtag group of heroes/rogues led by Rory Willi- Wait… Rip Hunter as he assembles your FAVOURITE CW SHOW characters to fight against that guy from the last Arrow/Flash crossover, Vandal Savage. It’s kinda of a big deal that a show has this many leading actors/actresses despite the fact that such non-franchise scifi shows like the excellent BBC series Misfits or Being Human has managed to juggle teen drama, power tropes and shuffles through their cast to rotate out old cast members when their character arcs finish up (or in some cases, when actresses act like shit and are forced to leave the show) to transition in some new faces to replace the dearly departed fan favourites or not so fav in some cases.

From magic wielding to techie gadget characters, there’s so many characters that DC could lend out to the CW to use even if some of them might be under embargo status or the budget wouldn’t allow them to shine in their full comic book glory, we can still dream.

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Gord’s Brother Trailer

This is a great short movie I just saw, check out the trailer and see if you can find the short movie on TV / cable.
Here’s the Vimeo page:

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DC TV Arrowverse Shows Reviews for Feb 11th

So yeah, I’m going to be trying my hand at some TV show reviews of all the DC Comics TV Shows of the Arrowverse (Arrow, Flash & Legends of Tomorrow). This isn’t an exact science, I might miss a week of half a season but whatever, here you are…
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Deadpool Rap Video

To celebrate the release of the new Deadpool movie, here’s a unique Deadpool Rap Video by Teamheadkick! Enjoy. 🙂

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The Hartley Show: Hartley talks Dr. Strange!

Check out The Hartley Show, in this episode, Hartley talks Doctor Strange & it’s VERY enjoyable. Learn about Doctor Strange before the upcoming Marvel movie with Benedict Cumberbatch.
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The Huntsman: Winter’s War

It’s trailer day, check out the new The Huntsman: Winter’s War trailer starring Emily Blunt as Queen Freya vs her wicked sister Queen Ravenna played by Charlize Theron vs both huntsmen Eric (Chris Hemsworth) and the warrior Sara (Jessica Chastain).

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Official Final Trailer [HD]

Ima gonna leave this right here, a’right?! How you like ‘dem apples? Continue on if you want to know what I thought of the trailer.
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HARDCORE HENRY Official Trailer #1

New movie being billed as “world’s first action film to be shot 100% from the hero’s perspective” – are you ready? This looks fncking AMAZING!

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Venture Brothers Recap – 0602 Maybe No Go

Venture Brothers Recap – 0602 Maybe No Go
Now that we’ve established what the Venture crew is doing in NYC, this episode decides to check in on what Billy and Pete White are doing as they even have their own heroic secret identities as Billy Quizboy and the Pink Pilgrim.

While the bulk of the episode is both of them dealing with Saint Cloud, Rusty is trying to figure out how to save his company with the help of Pirate Captain, sending to Brock to fetch him and some good coffee.

Of course, the Monarch is dealing with the bad news of not being able to arch against Venture. This leads into Gray getting a list of people outranking Monarch while the Monarch distracts Ms Monarch.

Pirate Captain is dealing with his junkie fix for tranq, deciding to taunt a polar bear to get access to some tranq darts. Brock delivers him back to the Ventures and the detox session begins.

Gary and Monarch start to track down people on the list, getting them to drop their arching privilege. After Gray shows off his moves, the pressure is applied to get the arching rights dropped.

Billy and Pete White square off against Saint Cloud after he stole a rubber ball that is famously from Duran Duran. Things get a bit weird as Saint Cloud taunts Billy in a really awkward way while Pete uses some hair product.

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