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Fan Theories – Star Wars Anthology Ideas

There’s been an awakening, have you felt it?

Since Disney bought all of the rights to Star Wars a few years ago, we already have The Force Awakens in theaters and tentatively Rogue One coming out this December. While it causes painful feelings of fanboy rage that there’s been literally no leaked footage or anything from the set from Rogue One, it’s just an interesting foot note for the Star Wars legacy as it marks a step away from the tradition of being Jedi vs Sith and further adventures of the Skywalker legacy.

To the House of Mouse, this is still risky in similar ways Guardians of the Galaxy was during the production phase. While the franchise can be considered familiar, the tone and content was unique compared to what came before and in the end, the gamble proved to be worth it in terms of fan appreciation and how much it made back in theaters, let alone on video.

Naturally, Disney set forward a plan of treating the Star Wars franchise like Marvel films. While the episode films such as The Force Awakens would be the Avengers, the other films that would fit in between would be known as the anthology series.

Think of them as Iron Man or Captain America flicks as they are stories about characters that show up in the major films. Rogue One’s details place it firmly as being involved with a critical tie in to A New Hope as a group belonging to the Rebel Alliance must locate and obtain the plans to the first Death Star, setting up the events to A New Hope.

While it’s been confirmed that the episode films going from 7 to 9 are set to tell what happens years after Return of the Jedi, what else could Disney do in between?

While details of a young Han Solo flick are still rumours at best, the cartoon series Rebels already fills out a gap of time for before A New Hope, just as the Clone Wars series fills the gap between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith – There’s a longer history waiting to be explored.

Before Disney bought out Star Wars, there was the Expanded Universe – A set of comics, video games and books that went from the very near beginning of the universe with Dawn of the Jedi all the way to the last known timeline with Legacies.

While the details from those materials could be considered loose canon as a few parts managed to become canon such as the name of Coruscant itself, it was treated more as a what if by the Lucasarts department especially as it established Han and Leia having kids way before Kylo Ren was sulking about with his grand papa’s helmet.
Currently, the new EU hasn’t had that much room to grow as the new rule going forward is that any books or comics are now directly tied into the canon established by the movies. This means that Rebels is the official prequel to A New Hope and much to dismay of some, so is Aftermath as being what happens after Return of the Jedi.

The big question most nerds could be wondering is what exactly could Disney come up with for those anthology films? More teen Solo films? Shadows of the Empire adaption if they can cgi an entire younger cast of Hamill/Harrison/Fisher to look like they did during ESB?

Let’s see if your dream ideas for the next anthology series as I present to you, my top three picks for an anthology Star Wars flick.

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Fan Theories: Marvel’s Netflix Iron Fist

Iron Fist

[Wonderful panting of Iron First by DanielMurrayART –]

finn-jones-aka-iron-fist--marvel-netflixSo I’ve been wondering about how they’re going to be doing the upcoming Marvel’s Netflix Iron Fist. Here’s our article about Finn Jones being cast as Daniel Rand aka Iron Fist. Here’s my Fan Theory on how the Iron Fist Netflix show will break down given the shows we’ve seen in Daredevil & Jessica Jones.

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Captain America: Civil War Battle lines defined

Empire cap cover-feb-25-2016-captain-america-civilwarSo the Russo brothers have mentioned on Empire Magazine about how the battle lines were drawn for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie opening May 6, 2016. Seems that the fallout from Avenger: Age of Ultron has a new set of rules for super powered heroes like The Avengers named Sokovia Accords. The new Accords rules create a division between Iron Man and Captain America after Bucky / Winter Solider is setup then hunted down by Black Panther & other government agencies.

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Marvel Comics revives Timely Comics

So Marvel Comics are reviving it’s former company name Timely Comics as a new branding to a number of it’s “All New, All Different” titles. The Timely Comics logo includes Captain America‘s first shield. I’m guessing it’s to match the new DC Rebirth $2.99 comics, the first 3 issues of Timely Comics branded comics will be $3.00.

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The Hartley Show gets caught up with Harrison Arts!

Hartley talks with Aaron Harrison (Drunk Batman, Deathstroke and Meatbag!) from Harrison Arts and what he’s been working on in the CW DC Universe, and other nerdy stuffs!

Always GREAT to see Aaron (one day I’d like to talk to my old friend for more than 5 mins at a comic con!). Great show, Hartley! Side note: It was fun to see Hartley as a Demon in Hell, laughing at Crowley in this weeks episode of Supernatural! 🙂

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Right now, The Violent #1 by Ed Brisson & Adam Gorham is FREE! Download it now on either Comixology or directly from Image comics:

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This looks like a dirty, grim, dark and yet VERY appealing new show on coming to FX starring Tom Hardy (Fnck YEAH), Ridley Scott & Steven Knight. Also starring Jonathan Pryce who’s an amazing actor in his own right.

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Meet Netflix’s Iron Fist – Finn Jones!

So it seems that Entertainment Weekly reports actor Finn Jones will play Danny Rand aka Iron Fist in Marvel‘s fourth Netflix series by the same name, Iron Fist.

Finn Jones is likely best known as Ser Loras Tyrell, the Knight of Flowers, on HBO‘s Game of Thrones.

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New Daredevil Season 2 Trailer

Well, HELLO there Elektra! More on Daredevil’s new costume and check out those Red eyes! 🙂

“They’re called The HAND!” – Stick

Can’t wait for Season 2 of Daredevil which hits Netflix on March 18.

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Venture Brothers recap – 0604 Rapacity In Blue #GoTeamVenture

This episode of the Venture Brothers is all about The Blue Morpho, the Trio looking for new invention as they settle on mind control gas. Hank is getting ready to get his date on while Brock goes through a crisis as he deals with an arch.

The wiki summary goes a little like this:

With his relationship with his wife continuing to sour, the Monarch struggles to come to terms with the truth about his father. Meanwhile, Dr. Venture, Billy and Pete try to come up with an invention to present at a conference J.J. had scheduled an appearance for prior to his death. After rejecting several of Billy and Pete’s proposals, Dr. Venture discovers the existence of “God Gas,” a gaseous weapon capable of making targets susceptible to mind control, and enthusiastically orders testing. Harangutan, a brutish supervillain, attacks the building and injures Sgt. Hatred, then gets into a war of egos with Brock until Warriana, one of the members of the mercenary superhero group, interferes. When Harangutan returns, Venture uses the God Gas on him and accidentally afflicts Billy and Brock with it as well. Under the effects of the gas, Brock hallucinates Warriana as an actual goddess and goes to her apartment for a tryst, while Harangutan suffers a mental breakdown and violently attacks Billy. The Monarch and 21 – having adopted the Blue Morpho and Kano identities for themselves in order to eliminate competition to the Monarch’s claim on arching Venture – intervene, kill Harangutan and rescue Billy, who mistakes the Blue Morpho’s identity as Dr. Venture himself. Dr. Mrs. the Monarch catches the Monarch and 21 when they return home, angrily believing that he went out on “date night” with 21 to spite her. The Monarch allows her to believe this in order to hide his activity as the Blue Morpho.

With that part out of the way, let’s get into the thick of it. The Monarch is still hung up on of the idea being a hero which he clearly disapproves of but this is a time for change and in order to break the cycle as well as regaining what he had (mostly the arching rights to Venture) – he must become something else, someone else.

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