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The Question on ARROW?! #Yeahbuwha?

Is The Question really coming to the Arrow TV show?!

Am I going to lose my sh!t if it happens?! Yes. Fnck, yes, I will. Check this tweet out by Marc Guggenheim

Here’s the Ad for Hub City, click to see it larger:

If you don’t know, Hub City is the home of The Question (real name Charles Victor Szasz aka Vic Sage), a blank faced vigilante who has his own unique style in fighting crime. In the original DCU comic books (not this nu52 shit), he was a TV journalist who was also a skilled blank faced vigilante. Later in the 80’s, The Question went on to learn from the best fighters in the world from Bronze Tiger, Richard Dragon & Shiva to name a few. Later The Question became one of the top fighters of the DC comic book universe that Batman himself noted. More on The Question here on Wikipedia:

The Question has also been portrayed as a bit of a crazy conspiracist who NEEDED to find the answers to popular conspiracy theories in the Justice League cartoon series and voiced by the talented Jeffrey Combs.


The big Question for the Arrow TV show is what version of The Question is going to appear on the small screen?!

The Question is without a doubt my FAVORITE DC comic book character besides Batman.

The CW & Arrow can’t FUCK this up! Here’s hoping they won’t as the start of this new Arrow season has been very solid.

Once we have more details, I will be rambling on casting and/or ANY photos! Trust me. ๐Ÿ˜›

note: I can’t find a source on the main Question cosplay photo, sorry whoever it is.

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