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ROBERT Reviews Comics for Nov 2016 – Robert reads comics, he really does!

I know, I know… Between the Staples seems to have become more of a dumping ground for videos and reviews of The Walking Dead vs Comic book reviews or podcasts. We’re getting back on our feet and hoping in the new year, we’ll have more podcasts and review on more of a timely fashion.

Okay then – I’ve read some comics. I did and let me ramble about them here. Sorry no podcast, I’m actually gonna write & use pretty pictures for you to read. Don’t worry, I’ll keep it simple, stupid! πŸ˜› Here are reviews of Marvel’s Civil War II #7, Dr. Strange #14, Thanos #1, All Star Batman #4 and more. Check it out!




Yeah. This should be a post on it’s own and once the series is done, I’ll go through all the issues as a full review. Anyways, this week we saw the fallout from Ulysses big mass vision he sent to all the heroes near the end of their big battle of FOR or AGAINST the fight of the future. In this vision, we see Miles Morales Spider-Man standing over a dead Captain America wielding Cap’s new spikey shield, looking to give the killing blow. Next up, Miles Spidey & Cap have a heart to heart talk while Captain Marvel gets SHIELD to back down the local police in Washington DC against Miles Spidey. Just as Captain Marvel is about to take in Miles Spidey, Iron Man comes in to protect & save Miles Spidey, sadly Captain Marvel BLOWS a massive HOLE right through Iron Man’s ramped up Hulkbuster War Machine Iron Man suit in what seems to be killing Iron Man.

Now. Sadly, another NEW Iron Man book – Infamous Iron Man, we know that Victor Von Doom (yes, Dr. Doom all pretty now) is assuming the role of Iron Man, talking to Tony about being able to “do it, make his consciousness digital”, seemingly to become Dr. Dooms new Jarvis (ala the Iron Man movies version). As seen in last issue, Tony was approached by Victor Von Doom and they teleported away with no explanation. Now, Tony shows up with this massive War Machine-like armor to fight Captain Marvel. Yeah, I think he’s got lots up his sleeve and he’s not dead but he has moved past his physical body in some way.

I’m VERY unsure of how the Civil War series wraps up in one final issue. The Marvel Universe has lost The Hulk & War Machine from this series. It’s grounded The Guardians of the Galaxy (who by later comic news, seem to be split up now). Now add in the loss of Tony Stark as Iron Man. How does this benefit the Marvel universe & their books moving forward? I don’t “get it” and that’s very sad. And don’t even get me started on the Old Man Logan scenes in the latest issue, I don’t even…

It’s a endless loop but Marvel Comics doesn’t know HOW to end a big comic book event series on a good fan pleasing note. Not. Ever.



I’ve LOVED this series since it began but then again, Dr. Strange is one of my all time favorite Marvel super heroes. If you haven’t had a chance to, go catch the new Marvel Dr. Strange movie and catch our review her… oh wait, we never did get around to that, did we? Well… anyhoo… Dr. Strange the comic book is a lovely book that I enjoy each week. Even if the whole Last of Magic story-line went an issue or two too long, it’s back on track with a de-powered Dr. Strange who needs to learn all new spells and power up his magical mojo and until then, using magical items & weapons to fight his battles. Issue 14 lands Dr. Strange in a All New, All Different Hell now run by Satana, the Devil’s daughter who wants Dr. Strange to stay there permanently and being a headlining act for her stage show in Hell. Suddenly, Hell became much like Vegas.

“The menu is just pictures of people SCREAMING” – Dr. Strange to Satana in the Hell diner

Satana (forcibly) feeds Dr. Strange some devilish food to kill him to keep him in Hell but, of course, our hero finds a way to get away but it’s the back and forth between Strange, Satana & others that makes this book a delight to read. Jason Aaron has his pulse on Dr. Strange, nailing his voice SO WELL! It’s a FUN issue and I’m hoping it will come back in some way with Satana perhaps becoming a third wheel to Strange when Clea returns full-time in his book? I only wonder due to the obvious flirting Satana was doing in the issue.

Also this was by far, THE VERY best cover art (and interior art) for all comics in November. Perhaps October & September as well.


THANOS #1 (2016)

So remember Marvel’s Civil War II issue #0 that came out nearly a year ago on Free Comic Book Day?! The day War Machine died by Thanos? Well, I do and seemingly in other comics that are NEVER explained, Thanos escaped and has gone back to Black Quadrant where the remains of Thanos’ huge scale galatic army was based. Thanos returns, kills Corvus Glaive, Thanos’ traitorous former right hand & takes his throne again and… next we follow The Champion of the Universe, Tryco Slatterus (seriously the 80’s had the BEST & WORST super character names! BEST!) who goes hunting for Starfox, the brother of Thanos and enlists his aide to kill Thanos. The book is good, it has a very 80s feel to it which is appealing with a more recent fun dialog of today. Oh yeah and Thane, Thanos’ son, now has Marvel’s Death draped all over him which I’m sure ain’t a conversation piece with Thanos anytime soon. SO I’m in on this book, it’s got a few great layers & drama with that old school cosmic Marvel comic book feel.

I’m still sad that they don’t even TRY to explain how Thanos escapes / gets out from Earth after his opening appearance in Civil War #0.




The artwork of this book is stunning and wonderful to look at. The pencils, inks and colors are stunning. Sadly, that’s the only good I enjoyed from this issue. I found the story very… boring, slow paced when it didn’t need to be, confusing and then Catwoman just up and kills their nu52 version of Bronze Tiger to please Bane. BRONZE Fncking TIGER! Yeah. No. Right there, I put the book down and didn’t even finish reading until much later and there wasn’t much more to bother reading. Catwoman also killed Punch & Judy to get “in” with Bane. Bane as been the focal point of the new Batman book’s story-line. Sadly without his venom suit but he has the muscles.

I don’t understand why this Batman book is so weak in comparison to Detective Comics & All Star Batman? I thought it started well with the fake out about the Gotham twins being the old Hawk & Dove but having their heads messed with. It just seems like after issue 4 the story started to get boring.


TEEN TITANS (2016) #2

Okaay, I was VERY unsure of this comic book but the punk kid who’s also a Robin & Batman’s Son of the Demon Head, Damien Wayne is just too fun to NOT read this book. Yes, he’s a pain in the ass, know it all, arrogant punk kid in a Robin outfit but he’s turning out to be a VERY enjoyable new leader of the Teen Titans. No, I’m serious. In Damien’s own way, he’s put together his Titans team against a new common foe, The Demon’s Fist – a super powered teens that Damien was to lead for the League of Shadows and Ra’s al Ghul, the Demon Head. The issue has lots of drama between the teen titans and their trust (or lack thereof) with Damien about his past which counter the opening scene which Talia comes to try & bring Damien back to her & the League of Shadows so well.

“… sure you don’t mean the son of the Bat-Mite?” – Garfield Mark “Gar” Logan aka Beast Boy / Changeling

This is a fun book and it’s from DC Comics Rebirth, who I have some major issues with given who they employee. That said, this book works for me on SO many ways. I’ve always been a fan of The New Teen Titans so ANYONE who gives me a tiny portion of that works. Also I remember reading Damien as Robin with Dick as Batman as some of the best Batman & Robin that I read in AGES pre nu52 crap (pre Rebirth). I HATED the nu52 Teen Titans book they tried a few times to start but I’m enjoying this new series. Hope it lasts & Raven ditches her weird costume.



SO far this is the BEST Batman book being done and I’m not saying this because the villain is Two-Face (or is he? Oh and YES, that’s the REASON!) as both Scott Snyder & John Romita Jr are just elevating their work to a whole new level. The story continues with Batman trying to take Two-Face back to his home to try & save Harvey Dent’s personality. Of course, Two-Face has put out a MAJOR bounty to stop Batman from doing this which could be seen in issue #1 when residents in a local diner turn on Batman for the $. Also various Batman villains also come out to cash in Two-Face’s big bounty on Batman’s head. This leads to Penguin, Black Mask (still a terrible costume – disappointing) & The Whale to hire the KGBeast villains get Two-Face as he screwed them from some money. Money they were paying Two-Face but now he’s offering that money for Batman’s head and they’re NOT happy about that. Also seems that Harvey made a deal with Cobblepot (Penguin) if Batman didn’t delivery Two-Face where he needed to go. It’s a wonderful dynamic. Add in that Duke, a new protege of Batman’s (NOT a Robin – a future Batman?), discovers something about this Two-Face that Batman has, something of note that it’s not the Two-Face he knows. I’m guessing it’s HUSH. Shhh… that’s just between us here between the staples, right? πŸ˜›

Anyways. Batman & Duke drag Two-Face away from being captured by KGBeast for Penguin, Black Mask & the Whale only to walk into a huge army of what seems like a huge post apocalyptic rag tag army.

This series will be… No, it IS now a benchmark for all the new DC REBIRTH books.

“Man, what part of you is not boobytrapped? Don’t answer that.” – Duke after a nearly blind Batman springs a surprise attack from his Batman armor on Two-Face & his goons

Both Batman & Duke fight with such utter desperate measures to the point that it keeps the comic in such a high pace. Only when they’re flying the Biplane, is there a tiny moment to breath until the next major action scene.

It’s brilliant & it’s THE DC Comic I’m most looking forward each month.
That speaks volumes!

Just go buy this series and enjoy one of the best Batman comic book series in decades. It’s 4 issues in but feels like half a season of a GREAT action packed Batman movie. You know, counter to those Nolan & Zac Snyder shit bat flicks.

More reviews to come, promise. I’m just getting geared up again. I have all the comics that came out yesterday, Nov 30th, 2016 to go over and BOY there are some fun issues (along with LOTS of boring ones). Perhaps the next review will be my terrible voice on a terrible podcast of myself.

Hope you enjoyed these quick reviews. Go out & read lots of comics, let us know what you think in the comments below! πŸ˜€

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