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Talking Comics for 05.31.17 – Cable #1, Trinity Annual #1, Secret Empire Uprising #1 & Ultimate MCU?

Talking Comics for 05.31.17. Before comics come out this week, here’s this weeks episode of Talking Comics for May 31st, 2017 with Mark & Chris Hunter! Talking Comics for 05.31.17Cable #1, Teen Titans Lazarus Contract Special #1 Trinity Annual #1, Wonder Woman Annual #1, Secret Empire Uprising #1, Deadpool #31, Captain America: Sam Wilson #22, Doctor Strange #21 & Ultimate MCU?

Robert: Only books I’m looking forward to are Teen Titans Lazarus Contract Special #1, Captain America: Sam Wilson #22 & Doctor Strange #21. Looking forward to the new creative team on Doctor Strange! This whole Marvel Generations is doing NOTHING for me re Legacy characters. 10 one-shots over 2 months. Blah. Also, I’m sorry guys but “the Wolverine team-up of the ages?!” – Old Wolvie & X-23 were apart of X-Force together and had ZILLIONS of team-ups for YEARS! BAD BAD BAD promo writing from Marvel. Bad. Chris, you should have known better before reading that aloud! 😛

Excalibur Comics, Cards, and Games! Check them out at both their locations, more details here:

ResurrXion is still going strong with Marvel as we see Cable introduced this week! Everyone’s favorite time-traveling mutant is back in his own series this week and we’ll be seeing him time-trotting from the get-go with a fantastic veteran creative team!

It’s a fifth week for DC Comics and you know what that means…Annuals! Teen Titans, Trinity, and Wonder Woman all get annuals this week! If you’ve been reading DC’s Lazarus Contract, don’t miss this annual is it concludes the Lazarus Contract storyline!

Tons of Marvel’s Secret Empire tie-ins ship this week and we also get Secret Empire Uprising, taking a look at what Marvel’s young, new heroes are doing to fight Hydra!

Don’t miss our Question of the Week! Marvel’s doing something with their Ultimate Universe…but what could it be?

Ultimates2 Gets Its Hundredth Issue In August 2017 –

No More Sam Wilson Or Steve Rogers – It’s Just Captain America Going Forward –

Suicide Squad: Black Files Mini-Series Launching In August From DC Comics –

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