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Talking Comics for 05.18.16 – Future Quest #1, Mae #1, Civil War II #0, RIP Troy Wall & More!

Chris Hunter & Randy Young host another great Talking Comics episode. My condolences for Troy Wall. The guys talk about RIP Troy Wall, Free Comic Book Day, Future Quest #1, Mae #1, Civil War II #0 & More! Check it out!

Looking forward to picking up Future Quest #1 & then checking out how BAD Civil War II starts up. Also I got my package from Excalibur Comics, Card & Games. THANK-YOU!!!! I’ll do an unpacking video later.

Lastly, my answer to the Talking Comics question: “What Top 3 Rebirth Titles Are You Most Excited For?”

  1. Um…
  2. Right…
  3. Let’s See…


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