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The Hartley Show – What’s Up With Marvel?

On this episode of The Hartley Show, Hartley asks, “What the hell is up with Marvel Comics right now anyways?” Hartley gives his middle aged bald uber nerd take! I enjoyed Hartley’s rant, what did you think?

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  • Dan Slott

    Quick corrections:
    Marvel is returning to the free digital copies of the comic WITH the comic. As seen in this report:

    And while I’m not certain if Marvel’s overships count (or don’t count) as UNITS shipped,
    I’m fairly certain they do not count towards SALES. They are free copies sent to the retailer to use as they see fit– to rack them or give them away as incentives.

    • Hartley Holmberg

      In all fairness We did this show long before Marvel back pedaled on the digital code issue, but I’m still going to have a big stupid gap in my digital collection because of the removal, and we still have to wait for this to be re-instated.
      And my point regarding USAvengers still stands.
      Does anyone really think it was the #1 book on the merits of anything other than a cover gimmick?
      Marvel more and more has been relying on gimmicks rather than story, and us fans are sick of it.
      I adore your Spider-Man run and its a perfect example of how to do a book right!

    • Hartley Holmberg

      But most importantly:
      Thanks for watching My show!

    • Robert Parizek

      Thanks for the update & feedback! Like Hartley said, thanks for watching the show and commenting here about it.