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The Walking Dead: S611 “Knots Untie” – Our Review

Check out our review of this weeks episode “Knots Untie” of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead – Season 6 episode 11: “Knots Untie”

Warning: There will be spoilers.

Let’s get into it, not recapping just diving in…

Robert: I thought that this weeks episode was a little light and perhaps it needed to be given it introduces our Alexandrians to the Hilltop Community. From the get go there’s been this intense air of distrust on Jesus but faded to the background this week. From an encounter inside a darkened building to rescue some Hilltop residents who had a roadside Walker accident to Rick’s group walking into Hilltop the pacing was not slow but not as intense as we’ve seen in other episodes this season.

Ian: The fun times are over it seems as this episode felt like a return to formula with some bumpy spots. As Robert mentions above, there’s some tension between Jesus and Rick’s gang but it just seems like an after thought as Jesus is rarely shows any real emotion aside from this playful sly kinda attitude. He feels very much above it all but it gets tested once they decide to make a pit stop to help out some people from the Hilltop group that ran into some trouble.



Robert: Lauren who plays Maggie claimed the spotlight besides Rick and for good reason, she’s obviously the Alexandrians voice of reason & source of hope although I do worry that all her good intentions are the foreshadowing of the big “cost” the group will encounter when taking on Negan.

Yes. Negan. I said it because even without being in the episode, Negan has a long reach. Gregory turns out to a cowardly Leader who’s prick when he can’t have his way and Xander Berkeley who plays him adds this lovely layer of slimy politician while he’s hitting on Maggie when they first talk.

Of course the show cannot be without some action and it comes quickly & makes its point to those in the Hilltop Community that Rick & his group are survivors. Rick kills one of the turned Hilltop member who stabs Gregory for Negan because Negan’s group has the members brother. This leads to a small skirmish between Ricks group & these Hilltop traitors. It ends as quick as it began showing what Rick & his group are – they’re fighters and perhaps there is a chance at some chance at something between the two communities. Rick follows Daryl’s lead in making a deal – They rescue the Hilltop member, kill Negan & his forces for food & supplies from Hilltop.

Ian: That fight breaking out after Ethan betrays the mayor was pretty intense. Given how over the top and debilitate trying to be on par for panel to panel replicating for the comic during the Alexandra outbreak, this scene felt more usual pacing and a lot more real when Rick trades some raw punches with Greg.


Robert: A wounded Gregory & Maggie further the discussions where a self righteous Gregory thinks he can outwit Maggie only to find that she’s no dopey women. In turn Maggie outwits Gregory into a sweetened deal for the Alexandrians. Again, the costs are SO high & given how the show reacts, this is more foreshadowing that this won’t be an easy task with some heavy consequences.

Ian: If I recall from the comics, the leader of the Hilltop group falls to Maggie with Gregory being pretty damn jealous so if this is already them setting up that future plot, it’s pretty well done.

Robert: From what I remembered of the comic book, Hilltop looks like a stunning set and their lack of gun power and reliance upon spears and knives shows why their Negan’s crop growers and not much more. Now we can see why Jesus is out scouting got food, supplies and Others. The need for more strength to get out from under Negan’s thumb is obvious.

Will Rick & the Alexandrians agree to this deal? Will they take a strong fight to Negan or walking into a trap or a double cross by Gregory – although that’s ENTIRELY speculative as NOTHING in this weeks episode gave any direct or subtle hints at that.

Ian: Seems like things won’t be that simple when dealing with Negan. I actually doubt that he’ll show up until the last episode as the raid mission for the next episode will most likely be clearing out some walkers.


Savage Rick Returns!

Robert: I do believe that Jesus wants to work with the Alexandrians but he is holding something back, that’s VERY obvious & this might be a turning point for the series in these final episodes.

Ian: Yeah, looking back at how Jesus was introduced in the comics compared to the show, an instant sense of distrust is present but in different ways depending on the medium. For example, in the comics, he actually took down Abraham by surprise and in this case, Michonne was the first one to parley with him til Rick shows up and knocks him out by surprise. In the show, he just has this attitude of “Hey, it’s just business” as it felt fair enough to him that he tricked Daryl/Rick out of supplies but he never did it by force which is fairly interesting as every other encounter with antagonist force has been with force, one way or another.


Robert: What didn’t work for me this week was that the Sonogram by the Hilltop doctor for Maggie & Glen. Like you show a Blacksmith & self forged weapons like spears and knives but you have a sonogram machine that works somehow?! No Fncking way that works off a car battery and I didn’t see ANY solar panels around in Hilltop so FTW?! That was and is a Total disconnect for me. Yeah NO. Also heavy foreshadowing that Glenn dies at season end – my prediction and Not that I want that to happen, too great of an actor and character to lose from the show.

Ian: That scene felt pretty forced as Glenn as been put in tough corner at least twice this season (before the mid where he was left for dead after the one guy capped himself and then at the fence during the break out), it’s just kinda cheesy that there’s added drama merely cause he’s going to be a father. I’d actually assume that they must have some gas generators just for powering the manor itself, something old to match with the whole “it’ll survive anything” mentality. Honestly, the only interesting thing was how Hilltop looks fairly accurate to the comic book and even the events that took place once they reached Hilltop actually match up with the comic aside from some minor character switches.

Robert: Also I didn’t touch on the side plot of Abraham, his girl Rosita, and Sasha. As funny when Abraham asked Glenn “When you were pouring the Bisquick, were you trying to make pancakes?” I wasn’t on Abraham about to dump Rosita for Sasha – which will happen aka Rosita’s necklace left in the grounds in Hilltop and Abraham not giving a shit to find it shows his mind’s now made up. Especially after almost dying. Now if Abraham is able to make this into a three-way relationship then Holy Shit yeah but I’m betting that’s HIGHLY unlikely.

Ian: AGGGGGGGGH, that part with Sasha was SO DAMN FORCED. Not only did it feel completely out of place considering that Abraham hasn’t shown any sign of interest in that way for Sasha, it feels like they just wanted to replicate Rick/Michonne situation but it just doesn’t work at all, sorta like how the bisquick line just felt flat and pointless, much like attempting to do relationship drama to fill in a gap.

Next week the Alexandrians vote to do the attack (by the previews) & a plan is formed but how will it go? Who will die? Someone had to die, right? Negan ain’t the Governor or Terminus group, he’s much, Much, MUCH worse. It’s the last few episodes of the season & it’s been said numerous times on the Talking Dead, the support / talk show for TWD that things are going to start ramping up. Next weeks episode has to be that starting point. Expect the worst to come!

Next week on The Walking Dead: “Not Tomorrow Yet”

Welcome to Hilltop & a Deadly Deal!

A slow paced & weaker episode this week which introduces Hilltop & a deadly new mission for our TWD survivors.


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