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The Walking Dead: S614 “Twice As Far” – Our Review

Check out our review of this weeks episode “Twice As Far” of The Walking Dead on AMC.

The Walking Dead – Season 6 episode 14: “Twice As Far”

Warning: There will be spoilers.

Let’s get into it, not recapping just diving in…

Robert: Okay so I have the biggest crush on Merritt Wever who played Denise Cloyd (although I’m sure the character said her name is Dennise based off of Dennis not Denise). I felt that there’s not enough “real” women on TWD. Almost all the women we see are sexy and trim which makes sense as survivors in this world but suddenly you had sexy, round Denise who became Alexanderians improvised Doctor.

Ian: Looks like someone got the waifu fever. I don’t think the show really had much of a push for her aside from being a hostage to the weird wolf guy (mostly to balance out his GRR WE KILL TO LIVE, WE ARE TOUGH) and of course, making sure Carl is ok (yet he doesn’t have the bad pass eye patch, what a shame). Once you get into the heart of the episode, it actually did a decent job to show off the varied levels of experience each person had with just living in this harsh new world.


Robert: Now that said, one thing you NEVER do is send a non-trained doctor out into the field as a medic. No matter what the doctor wants. Why? Because they’re NOT trained and I felt that was bitterly obvious in tonight episode where the team of Denise, Daryl and Rosita plus other team of Abraham & Eugene had failed results. Both groups got confronted by Dwight, one who Daryl let live & get away – now badly burnt on side of his face, return with more Cobra troops (referencing GI Joe cartoons where the Cobra troops couldn’t hit ANYONE with their shots) aka Negan’s worst shooters. The bad guys capture Eugene after putting a crossbow bolt (yes, they’re actually NOT called arrows) through Denise’s right eye, killing her within minutes yet allowing her to mutter the last words of her rant about life in TWD. Denise showed SO much strength in her character that I found her death to be devastating and stupid. Devastating as the character became so enduring and Stupid because she’s the fncking Doctor of the group!

Ian: Wow, jumping the gun to that part, huh? I actually didn’t think they’d swap out Abraham for Denise to take that fatal blow, sometimes the show manages to throw in a curveball but there was a bit of foreshadowing. Here was someone that most likely never left the community since it all went to shit so all those times she nearly became zombie chow? Daryl was huffy about babysitting the greenhorn but the more we got into the episode, the brother sister bond felt pretty natural until she got into the rant and well, the above happened.

Robert: That is TWD though, they don’t follow who should and shouldn’t stay alive for the betterment of those we’re following. Death is to be expected in this new world.


Robert: The other side story was Eugene and Abraham having a face-off. This is why Eugene got captured as he and Abraham split up. The reason why Eugene was out doing recon with Abraham was to find a place to build bullets. As they’re the $$ in this new world (or one of the currencies – the other being food).

Ian: It was kind of a weird dynamic when you think about it. After the whole reveal thing of Eugene not being able to do jackshit (The trip to Washington), this felt like Eugene wanted to prove that he had a purpose in a way to mirror Denise’s struggle to be part of Rick’s pack.  The alternative being that by proving he’s useful to Abs, they might actually be friends like before in Eugene’s mind while it always seemed more like a duty for Abs.


Robert: Now after all that rant, the biggest WTF moment was Carol deciding to leave when it seems the Alexandrians are expecting retaliation from Negan. This whole “I can’t kill” turn of face by Carol isn’t working for me. It’s come on too hard last week and for one of the big Mama bears of the group to just give up & quit on those who she loves, like Judith, is the stupidest thing The Walking Dead show writers have written. It. Makes. No. Sense. NONE.

Ian: Ok, so we all know that at least someone will get killed off at the end of the season, it’ll be a major player. Aside from who it was in the comics, Glenn got some foreshadowing with the polaroids of Lucielle glory kills, Daryl has been setup but mostly out of character reasons but Carol leaving the group this late into the season? Warning signals. Maybe it’s for the best cause the whole regret of killing angle feels silly and it’s completely out of nowhere, we’re honestly suppose to believe that a mere talk from Morgan (after she threatened him with blackmail, let alone her speech to Sam made him shit his pants and become zombie chow), she just has this overwhelming sense of guilt?

Ian: It’s lame way to try to put Rick’s group in the right since the previous episode tried to setup this “from my point of view, you are the bad guys” with the Saviour Fodder group. I’m glad Dwight finally showed up in proper form and considering that all the ties that Denise had already got conveniently written out (Heath as the love interest in the comics, Tara in the show), it’s mind numbing stupid that we are six seasons into this show and a character was killed off after her big struggle was to get a can of pop which was a symbolization for her toughness – At least Eugene managed to make up for getting captured by somehow saving the day but not after Denise gets taken out as a place holder for a more popular character.

Ian: Well, at least that Hush Hush room part was dark as hell and actually creepy, it was probably the only good thing about this episode. The struggle continues as we have another most likely filler until the big finale where Negan finally shows up and fan hype gets generated from someone being killed off, rinse and repeat. If I sound not as enthralled with the direction of the show, I’d mostly blame it on the comics as there isn’t much of an end goal for either version, just interesting arc spikes and mostly dull fillers.


Robert: I really didn’t like this episode at all. Although I saw the ambush from Dwight obvious given Daryl tossing aside his instincts and logic of walking through the town vs open area of the train tracks with NO cover. I had expected MORE about the build up of Negan and his forces but instead we get a weak Dwight with his pitiful vengeance on Daryl although that does make for a good villain, one who’s only strong when they feel they have the advantage / power but cowards otherwise. I’m not certain this seasons finale will make up for these recent lackluster episodes lately. I hope I’m WRONG.

Bits & Pieces

  • RIP the Eugene Mullet.
  • Rosita with the kinda whatever relationship with Spencer.
  • Morgan built a prison cell to make amends. (Maybe they’ll get to use it later *WINK WINK*)
  • The creepy Hush room that Denise discovers, the show finally remembers how creepy and dark it can actually be.
  • Abraham let Sasha knows how he feels (to which most likely, only Tumblr cares about)
  • Denise got Tara that bloody Orange Crush, threw up a bit, and made a dramatic speech – Her reward? Bolt to the eye.
  • Daryl sucks at driving stick, most likely from just riding motorbikes and being cool like that.
  • Dwight returns as a good new cowardly villain
  • Eugene’s thrilling way to stop Dwight which actually happens in the comic.

Next Week teaser for Episode 615: The Walking Dead: East

A Crossbow Bolt thru heart of this episode

Denise gets taken out, Eugene, the bullet man & Carol flees citing she cannot kill anymore. Not much made sense this week.


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