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The Walking Dead Season 7: Official Sneak Peek & Robert’s Thoughts

The Walking Dead is just around the Halloween corner in less than a month & a half away. This weekend Fear of the Walking Dead returns which leads into The Walking Dead season 7. Here’s the latest sneak peek from a Talking Dead special that was aired last Sunday. It shows Dwight with Daryl’s vest & bike, leading the obvious speculation that Negan had killed Daryl Dixon at the end of season 6. Here’s what we think… (SPOILERS)

So… Who does Negan kill?

Well there’s LOTS of speculation out there, just check out YouTube – hundreds of videos with everyone having their speculation. The current deadpool is both Glenn & Abraham but then there’s photos out there showing both the actors Steven Yeun (Glenn) & Norman Reedus (Daryl) getting into an car accident on route to The Walking Dead set in costume so does that get them off the hook? Other photos show Carl with Enid so Carl doesn’t meet Lucile. More info says that Michonne has been seen filming on episodes 1, 4 & 5 so she’s not dead. Now what I said about Glenn (re accident) might be questionable because more on the filming list has only Abe & Glenn confirmed only for episode 1. Not good.

Want more info & spoilers? Check out the videos below re the death of Abe & Glenn:

I know one thing, it just can’t be Rick, now matter what the show runners / producers / actors say – I can’t see AMC killing their main star of The Walking Dead without a solid, fan positive replacement which currently – the show DOES NOT HAVE. Sorry, they don’t and this is still a TV show which follows a routine formula – MUST have a solid main star.

So… What do I think?

Sadly, I think there’s lots of proof that it’s Abe & Glenn although I think Negan only kills Abraham and Glenn dies later in the episode unless the show runners & producers want to do a BIG shocker with a double kill by Negan. I’ll be sad if it is Abe & Glenn. Abraham is a great character but with the introduction of Jesus how many similar right hands does Rick need? As for Glenn, his death will be tragic, heartfelt and powerful given Maggie is pregnant. Glenn had become one of the main stars of the show and will be the shocker. Does it make sense? It fits with the comic book chronicle but should Glenn die for the drama of the show? It may be the biggest drama / story impact to Rick & the group & that type of drama, written well, can be good for the drama of the show. I’ve always said that The Walking Dead is NOT about zombies, it’s about the drama of the survivors deal with to survive.

Want to get more excited? Check out the The Walking Dead season 7 trailer below…