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Venture Brothers Recap – 0602 Maybe No Go

Venture Brothers Recap – 0602 Maybe No Go
Now that we’ve established what the Venture crew is doing in NYC, this episode decides to check in on what Billy and Pete White are doing as they even have their own heroic secret identities as Billy Quizboy and the Pink Pilgrim.

While the bulk of the episode is both of them dealing with Saint Cloud, Rusty is trying to figure out how to save his company with the help of Pirate Captain, sending to Brock to fetch him and some good coffee.

Of course, the Monarch is dealing with the bad news of not being able to arch against Venture. This leads into Gray getting a list of people outranking Monarch while the Monarch distracts Ms Monarch.

Pirate Captain is dealing with his junkie fix for tranq, deciding to taunt a polar bear to get access to some tranq darts. Brock delivers him back to the Ventures and the detox session begins.

Gary and Monarch start to track down people on the list, getting them to drop their arching privilege. After Gray shows off his moves, the pressure is applied to get the arching rights dropped.

Billy and Pete White square off against Saint Cloud after he stole a rubber ball that is famously from Duran Duran. Things get a bit weird as Saint Cloud taunts Billy in a really awkward way while Pete uses some hair product.

Saint Cloud demonstrates his knowledge of pop culture, taunting the tied up duo with the rubber ball. The only way out of the situation, Billy has to sell his company to Saint Cloud

Wide Wale begins his arching after a detail about the CAL is revealed, one of the members isn’t what they seem and Wale wants his cut, putting him directly at odds with Venture for his refusal of CAL’s premium protection racket.

Brock and Sgt Hatred team up to prevent Wide Wale from messing with Venture which leads into a revenge prank, felt like a real bonding moment.

Last after scene is Saint Cloud revealing that he sold the rights to Billy’s company to Rusty Venture so Billy and Pete are heading to NYC.


“You can’t put mint mouthwash into cookie dough!” – I wouldn’t trust Pete’s baking logic either.

Since this is a Billy/Pete kinda episode, they even got their own intro theme – Feels more 80’s cartoon than JQ inspired tone that Venture’s has.

VB is all about parodies and the Pirate Captain intervention was straight up Trainspotting even with the crawling baby on the ceiling being Jonas Jr.

Brock is packing some heat now despite hating to use guns due to Venture being a bigger target. Sly little nod to J-Helper’s fate as Rusty asks Helper what happened to the better robot.

Monarch is pretty annoyed that he lost his arching rights to Venture, now that he’s lost his lair and other henchmen (aside from Gary) – He’s now rank 3-4 so it’s time to get back to the top.

Billy and his hand grappling hook – Since the theme of the show is failure, everything about that interaction sums it up.

Full on shudders from the awkward shower part of Saint Cloud while Pete tries to cheer up the mood with reference hair styles.

The captured scene with Billy/Pete/Saint Cloud had all kinds of 80’s music vibe to it – the cut framing and the run down importance of the rubber ball from Please Please Tell Me Duran Duran video.

Fallen Arches is the mole for Wide Wale as the CAL’s collection plan. He ain’t pleased at all for the payments being light, he goes full on gangster mode as he setups a direct attack on Venture building.

Did I mention the Trainspotting reference? Follow up to Hank actually looking up Steve McQueen as he’s got the jacket going on.

Shoreleave gives a run down of Wide Wale’s origin story – clutterfish dna experimenting back in the 80’s.

Dean manages to save the company by setting up more social media friendly face while having secret projects on the down low, he’s really being setup to being the businessman that Rusty clearly isn’t.

While Monarch and Gary were out, working on the list so they’re in for a surprise when they get back home. If you recall, the Revenge Society used the broken down manor as their secret base and hidden in the basement, a lair that looks like it’s straight out of Batman.

Sgt Hatred giving advice to Brock – Despite being a bumbling and overprotective nearly all the time, he was a former villain and former OSI so he’s actually pretty knowledgeable when it comes to Guild members. It’s refreshing that Hatred gets a nice nudge for once as Brock and Hatred have a cool bonding moment after pranking Wale’s lair involving a bunch of balloons and a polar bear from earlier.