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The Walking Dead: S704 “Service” – Our Review

Check out our review of this weeks episode “Service” of The Walking Dead on AMC.

The Walking Dead – Season 7 episode 04: “Service”

Warning: There will be spoilers.

No recapping, we’re just diving right into it…

“Little pig, little pig – let me in.” – Negan

Robert: This week’s The Walking Dead episode “Service” we see when Negan & The Saviors drop by Alexandria for mega drama for the Alexandrians who weren’t there when Abraham & Glenn died. The entire episode was hard to watch Rick being so subservient to Negan, to the point that Negan has Rick holding Lucille during the entire visit. The episode is named after Negan offers his protection “Service” to those of Alexandria for half their stuff.

Robert: As I said, the episode was hard to watch because you saw just how overpowering The Saviors are. Almost all the mattresses are taken from Alexandria but Negan leave them their food because he can’t have them gathering for him if they’re hungry.

Ian: After having a fairly solid if drawn out opening episode, we got even more lucky with two great follow up episodes. The streak has slipped as despite Negan’s over the top glee barely justifies a 90 minute run time that had more commercial breaks than the usual.


Robert: Of course, not everything goes as planned and Carl pulling a gun on a Savior then threatening Negan face to face has Negan and his Saviors find ALL the guns in Alexandria. Sadly, this doesn’t go as planned and suddenly some missing guns has an Alexandrian marked for death if the gun can’t be found. Of course, Rick goes a bit crazy to find the gun. He does and saves a life and THAT is the big point of the episode – to show you that Rick just CANNOT have another death on his head.

Ian: I have to give credit that the empty graves tactic was pretty clever as Rick hasn’t completely given up and seeing how he plans on fighting back will be a decent slow burn plot point. Getting Father Gabriel on board gives him more stuff for his character to do.

Robert: Now, that said, Rick & crew did lie to Negan about Maggie which I’m sure won’t end well once Negan finds out (which of course he will). Maggie is likely hiding out at Hilltop but when Rick showed Negan an empty, recent grave and allowed Negan to assume it’s Maggie’s grave will come back to haunt him and Alexandria.


Robert: The side mission of Rosita & Spencer go off to find Daryl’s bike for Dwight shows that Rosita is planning how to fight back against Negan & The Saviors. She tries to find weapons from some Saviors they killed in a fight from last season where Daryl left his bike. Rosita ends the episode by going to Eugene about making bullets. That was very nice and enjoyable, it gave some hope for Alexandria, Rick & crew. Oh and Daryl just being a nobody that works for Negan who Rick or crew cannot talk to or even give notice was again, hard to watch and that worked SO WELL!

Ian: I wasn’t sure where they were going with Rosita in the episode as it felt like it’d be one of those explaining her grief out loud to another character plot point but it’s neat that it built up to the bullet making. I still feel it was a half measure to give relationship drama to her, Sasha and Abs considering that Sasha’s grief arc will most likely be shown off similar to Michonne’s.

Robert: Oh and another way to know that Rick is broken this season is when he takes the gun from Michonne & offers it up to Negan before they leave. Rick just can’t fathom the idea of anyone else he knows to die, his guilt is overriding everything he does.

Robert: Lastly, the big reveal from Rick to Michonne about Judith was powerful & showed the depth of guilt and weight of the world on his shoulders. He wants Judith to live a life, even if it’s one being under Negan’s thumb. Of course, this is the broken Rick talking which is something similar to Gardener Rick from past seasons.

WHAT needs to happen for the berserker Rick we know and love to come out & take on Negan?!

Robert: Overall it was another strong episode with the over the top Negan, broken Rick and some spark of an Alexandria come back with Rosita and Eugene aka Bullet Factory.

Bits & Pieces

  • Enid got out of the closet (YAY!) & her green balloons were a nice touch back to her meeting with Glenn.
  • Father Gabriel doing the creepy discussion with Negan was great.
  • What ever happened to The Wolves?! Are they another force that fight The Saviors?
  • YAY! I was wrong last week about Daryl’s bike. Foreshadowing Daryl later getting it back.

Next Week…

It seems like we get a whole episode about Hilltop plus Jesus, Sasha, Tara, Maggie should make it VERY enjoyable.