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Welcome to… Return of Between the Staples

(Yes, I know I’m sporting my crazy, unshaven crap geek style. Thnx!)

Hey all, so yeah, I’ve been kicking around the idea of making a return to my old blog / site Between the Staples. I found that perhaps what the Geekdom needs,  is EXACTLY another fncking blog site. I know, right?!

So what this site won’t be – we won’t even try to emulate the great geekdom websites like Comic Book Resources, Newsarama, Bleeding Cool, Den of Geek (who I LOVE btw!), IGN, I09, The Beat, Comics Alliance or any of the other great Geek feeds out there.

I’ll post sh*t that I like. There will be reviews. News. Articles on Comics & Geekdom and I’ll be fncking swearing. I’m fortunate to have Ian Aspden joining Return to Between the Staples and hope to perhaps have some others slowly share their two bits as well on all things Geekdom. Deal & enjoy.

Lastly, yes I will slowly be bringing over the old Between the Staples archive of articles & images once I have the time.

Here’s the last time the old BtS hit big time on G4TV…

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