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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Official Final Trailer [HD]

Ima gonna leave this right here, a’right?! How you like ‘dem apples? Continue on if you want to know what I thought of the trailer.

Okay so I’m kinda impressed. No Batman with a gun, okay, nothing but a blurry shot of BatFleck trying to shoot Supes point blank No, wait, I was wrong BatFleck is resorting to using a gun (see below). It again sets up the whole Batfleck vs Supes rather than the Doomsday / Darkseid angle.
Wait, did you say Darkseid, Robert? WHAT DRUGS ARE YOU TAKING?

Nope. No drugs but looksie here…

A Dream sequence of a future BatFleck at War fighting for Earth vs Darkseid’s Parademons

…and Batman sporting some weapon (likely a gun) while hanging off a wall #Yawn #ZacSnyderDoesntKnowBatman

So is ALL of this and more in the new (and finale, yeah right) Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer enough to make me go see the movie? To quote Rorschach