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The Hartley Show: Iron Fist: Yay, Nay or Meh?

The Hartley Show: Iron Fist: Yay, Nay or Meh? I’m slowly catching up on my Hartley Show episodes (sorry guys). Hartley rambles on about the Netflix Iron Fist show and how they relate to the Iron Fist comic book by Marvel Comics. A VERY enjoyable episode, thanks to all involved!

Robert: Agreed, I LIKED Netflix Iron Fist show but didn’t LOVE it like I did Daredevil (seasons 1 & 2), Jessica Jones & Luke Cage. I believe that Bruebaker & Fraction’s “The Immortal Iron Fist” took the character to a brand new level after Bendis brought Iron Fist into New Avengers. I think Hartley missed that the Spider Ninja woman was the “Bride of Nine Spiders” & one of the Immortal Weapons. I do defend that this is along the lines of a Batman Begins like story-line for Iron Fist in the Marvel Netflix universe in that he’s learning how to be both Danny Rand & Iron Fist so there are times when he fails at one or the other since it’s the first time he’s been to the outside world in 15 years from K’un-L’un. Now do I believe that the show and Finn Jones could have done a better job at playing Danny Rand & the Iron Fist – HELL YEAH! Hopefully in the upcoming Defenders series, Iron Fist will be the character we want him to be especially when playing off Luke Cage.

From their YouTube page:
Hartley desperately tries to maintain focus talking about Iron Fist, but man the show was such a roller coaster it takes all his brain power to stay on point!
Watch Hartley struggle!

That did you think? Check out The Hartley Show here on YouTube:

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