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The END of BtS?

Is this the END of Between the Staples?

Is this the END of Between the Staples?

So you might have been wondering, where the Fnck are any posts on Between the Staples. No. Wait. No one wondered that.

Yes, Between the Staples has been on a hiatus of late. Yes, there has been the 2nd half of The Walking Dead and no more reviews on this site. Yes. We went to Fan Expo Vancouver and I didn’t blog about it. Yes, THOR: RAGNAROK & GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 came out and we didn’t do a review about. Lastly, YES, BLACK PANTHER came out (WONDERFUL & Maybe ONE OF THE BEST MARVEL MOVIES MADE) and again, no review. STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI came out and we didn’t defend how great of a movie it was. BENDIS quit MARVEL and went to DC COMICS to write SUPERMAN and still nothing on the Between the Staples website. The bloody AVENGERS INFINITY WAR trailer came out to tumbleweeds here. The new DEADPOOL 2 trailer came out today and still, NADA.


Because I lost much interest in working so hard on the reviews, the posts, Talking Comics every week became a CHORE and NOT FUN. Plus I was and am finding little to no one was reading the site but not only that – I didn’t CARE anymore. I’ve begun reading Less and LESS Comic Books than I used to. My main point about Between the Staples was that I wrote on this site for ME to rant and rave. To scream at the Internet winds from the top of this tiny, fraction of a website but my throat got dry, ran hoarse so eventually I stepped down and stopped screaming aka posting. Sure I wanted this to be more encompassing with more bloggers but that didn’t work out. I used to be encouraged to do the live podcasts but even that seemed like more & more work than I had the energy to do after working online all day. Yes, say I got lazy. Sure but that’s where I’m at right now.

I’m BURNT OUT on most things GEEK.

Sure, I’ll go see a movie, sure I watch The Walking Dead, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, The Magicians, Mr. Robot, Krypton, Black Lightening, Gotham (No. Fnck that – I hate Gotham), Agents of SHIELD (nope, dropped that show as well) but overall, I’m more or less just keeping to myself on my Twitter account vs coming on this site and ranting / raving. I can’t even get myself going to do a podcast and respect those that do. Perhaps I’m fighting some major depression, I’m not certain but what I do know is that Between the Staples doesn’t have to all be done by me.

SO What’s Next?

So that said, I’ve made Hartley Holmberg from The Hartley Show as an author on the site. Hartley has started some WONDERFUL new YouTube Videos about comic book reviews and teasers for eack weeks of comics. I’ll include a few here below, who knows, maybe this will spark more of an imagination and interest for me to return to doing something more regular on the site.

So BtS ain’t dead, least not Yet.

The NEW Hartley Show videos. Enjoy!

Wednesday comics On Thursday March 15th!!

Wednesday Comics March 7th!!

Blue Beetle #18!

Darkseid War Saga Omnibus unboxing!!!

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