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Marvel Champions returns

Well looks like all the upcoming “I Quit!” teasers has lead to this new series, Champions, which I guess is the new New Warriors type of comic book where the young heroes of the Marvel Universe have had enough of the adult heroes and decided to be on their own super hero team. Glad that Marvel is able to use Champions title again, a great series of the late 70’s / 80’s. Now the comic will be written by Mark Waid & illustrated by Humberto Ramos. The team looks like it’s starting with Ms Marvel, Miles Morales’ Spider-Man, Nova, Amadeus Cho’s The Hulk, Viv Vision and Tykelops (Cyclops new name?). As I was always a fan of Teen Titans & New Warriors, I’m VERY excited about this series!!

Marvel has had gotten the use of Champions after they had legal issues with a RPG game company who made a RPG game series called The Champions, more on Bleeding Cool:

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