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Me & Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

So I’ve decided that perhaps I need to take a step back & cool off about the upcoming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. Perhaps I’m WAY off base & all the reasons I’m NOT a fan of the Christopher Nolan Batflicks is silly. Forget about Superman breaking the fundamentals of the character because Zac Snyder doesn’t know shit about the Supes including having BatFleck using a gun in BvS. Yeah. Maybe it’s all just me.

I mean, maybe it’s okay if the upcoming Dark Knight 3 comicbooks show Batman sporting a big fncking gun. right? Right? RIGHT?

Um… yeah relax Robert, RELAX… WOOSA!!

I mean, how long is the movie, if I HAD to go & see it? 151 minutes!? AH Sheeeeeeeeet.

Maybe watching Henry Cavill Asks Kids: Batman or Superman will make me more accepting of the upcoming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice movie?

Yeah, that was cute but no, crap! Maybe I just need to…

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