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San Diego Comic-Con ’16 News We Want!

San Diego Comic-Con 2016 is upon us, just check out the Nerdist Comic-Con: the Musical! for some fun. Here’s what we’re looking for comic book news from Comic-Con that will begin to be released starting tomorrow.


shang_chi_master_of_kung_fu_by_rick7777-d67rrkyA New Master of Kung Fu series
Robert: Just bring back Shang-Chi and have him be recruited by SHIELD to train new agents and new heroes in martial arts. This would make it a team book with Shang-Chi training and doing crazy missions with various heroes. It would be like a Marvel Team-Up comic! Just have the longest team-up for 2 issues then a new hero. Keep it episodic, simple and fun.

A Rogue One Prequel 

Ian: Here’s the thing – Shattered Empire was mostly pointless and we are still roughly six months away from the film coming out. While Disney had no issues with reminding everyone that Star Wars is a thing again, the hype train for Rogue One feels a bit more restrained. Hell, I’m surprised that they actually had Series Black figure for Jan ready to go at SDCC as it is so please, let’s get some kind of confirmation of doing a mini series or a one shot to introduce this BRAND NEW cast and please let there be some be blue with Imperial ties.

Author’s note – At one point, a Rogue One comic was announced and then it got cancelled. WHAT THE SHIT, DISNEY!?




220px-QuestionfullA New Question series
Robert: Bring the Question back and NO REFERENCE to his New 52 version crap that they made. Completely forget about that, bring back Charles Victor Szasz aka Vic Sage and have him be the same character BEFORE he died in the 616 DC Universe. Have him remember parts of his death, the original 52 mini-series and even flashbacks of his Charlton Comics. Not saying he needs to be foaming at the mouth mad or messed up, just kinda confused. A good reference would be to make him like The Question from the Justice League cartoon series and have him wandering about and having this knack to stumble into the strange mysteries of the DC Universe. You could drop tons of guest stars like Bronze Tiger, Lady Shiva, Richard Dragon, Huntress then have him cross paths with Rene Montoya, Kate Kane & Intergang. Take what made his 1987 run by Dennis O’Neil amazing again which was building a rich character past with the oddity stories in the DCU. Also get a top cover artist to make stunning, poster-like covers.

Ian: I’m just gonna agree with this idea for the most part as my other request is more complex. Sticking to the character at hand, I think it’d be this kinda meta and weird way to explore the idea of Rebirth that has only been teased at with Titans Hunt. Play up on the paranoia idea that everything is wrong but he still has to play the role to not stand out while things are being played out on a grand scale. It’s kinda hilarious just how much the New 52 version was underused and even Phantom Stranger got more of a spotlight so seems like an ideal way to apologize while doing something new as well.



Animated Stuff

Young Justice Returns
Robert: I want the Young Justice cartoon series to return on Netflix! Nuff said.

Ian: With any luck of them getting CW shows on Netflix, maybe we’d get lucky with that third season.

Marvel Animated Film or series (Anything!?)

Ian: DC is always leading the charge when it comes to doing animated stuff such as Young Justice or the upcoming animated adaption of The Killing Joke but Marvel just can’t get their head in the game it seems. Their attempt at doing an Avengers cartoon actually worked out rather well with Avengers Assemble which gave us a great take on Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel and it had some comic book nods as well but the GotG cartoon was a dud and Ultimate Spiderman is hit or miss depending on the episode.

It’d be a STRANGE kind of fate if they tried doing a Doctor Strange cartoon series since their animated film take on the character was actually pretty good. Speaking of series that need an additional Netflix season – WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN SEASON 2 WHEN, BUB!?



New LEGO Batman trailer
Robert: Given that Will Arnett is at San Diego Comic-Con for SyFy live shows, it’s a good time for a brand new Lego Batman trailer!

Ian: I almost forgot about this being a thing so yeah, some new footage would be a nice reminder.



magnum-pi-archerMagnum PI Archer action figure
Robert: Seriously, who WOULDN’T want that? I mean, hello? Now I’d also go for a Magnum Archer with Pam collectible figurine.

Overwatch stuff that isn’t just Funko Pops

Ian: My only hope is with NECA and even then, they’re dragging their heels with putting out the Heroes of the Storm figures but at least, it should happen at some point – Just scale these down in size, boom for real. 


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