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Talking Comics for 05.24.17 – I Am Groot #1, Venom #150, Totally Awesome Hulk #19 & DC’s Watchmen?

Talking Comics for 05.24.17. Before comics come out tomorrow, here’s this weeks episode of Talking Comics May 24th, 2017 with Mark & Chris Hunter! Talking Comics for 05.24.17I Am Groot #1, Venom #150, Totally Awesome Hulk #19, Dying & the Dead #4, All New Guardians of the Galaxy #2 (twice a month), Captain America Steve Rogers #17 (Secret Empire tie-in title), Secret Warriors #2, Jean Grey #2, X-Men Blue #4 (Kid Wolvie appearance) & DC’s Watchmen?

I am NOT a fan of DC’s Watchmen into the DC Rebirth Universe.

Robert: That said. I’m DONE being frustrated about this so I just DO NOT CARE what they’re going to be doing with Watchmen anymore. Sure, let them all mix up – why not? It’ll all be rewritten in a few years anyways in the next DC Reboot, right? Right. I’m with Chris and looking forward to the WEAPONS of DESTRUCTION story-line in this weeks Totally Awesome Hulk #19. I also Agree with Chris & Mark about Secret Empire being extended – what does that mean and WHY? Did they re-write the ending YET again. They did the EXACT same thing with Civil War 2 & that series ended poorly.

Looking forward to a new Talking Comics look! Can’t wait, guys – you all do SUCH a great job!

Excalibur Comics, Cards, and Games! Check them out at both their locations, more details here:

From the Talking Comics YouTube page:
It’s a big week for Marvel Comics this week as we get another series for a Guardian of the Galaxy – Groot! I Am Groot #1 drops this week and we get to see how long Groot will survive on his own billions of miles away from the rest of the Guardians!

Marvel Comic also start their classic Legacy numbering this week with Venom #150! If you’re a Venom fan, don’t miss this issue with multiple stories by multiple creators celebrating this event!

We told you about the blockbuster mutant event from Marvel a few months ago…but now it’s here! Weapons of Mutant Destruction kicks off this week and we get to see the Hulk team up with the Weapon X team and all of the mayhem that will bring!

Don’t miss out on the news from the past week as we take you deeper into the Doomsday Clock, Secret Empire, and DC’s Kirby Tribute!

Also, comment on our Question of the Week! We want to know your thoughts on DC Comics latest game changing move!

Johns & Frank’s Doomsday Clock Pits Superman Vs Dr. Manhattan In 4-Part Stand-Alone Series –

Secret Empire Gets An Extra Issue, Will Conclude With “Thrilling” Secret Empire #10 In August –

DC To Pay Tribute To Jack Kirby’s 100th Birthday With 6 One-Shots –

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