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Rock it out with Black Canary

Released today is a new website for DC Comics Black Canary‘s new EP album debut. Of course, it also comes after the release of DC Comics Black Canary Vol 1: Kicking and Screaming trade paperback. Yes, it’s a marketing ploy to get you to buy both the comicbook & music but you know what? It’s smart & it works. I’ve bought both!

Wait, you might be asking “Why? This isn’t the Black Canary character you know & love, Robert, WTF?!”

And you are right, it’s NOT but what it IS a SMART re-visioning of the character. That & I LOVE the idea of releasing actual #blackcanarymusic to go with the first trade paperback of the comicbooks. It’s fncking brilliant and something smart like this isn’t done enough in the limited comicbooks world.

Kudos to Black Canary writer Brenden Fletcher as well as Michelle Bensimon and Joseph Donovan.

You can check it all out here where you can stream the music for free or buy the digital EP:

Or listen to Black Canary’s music streams here for you to enjoy:

GO and tweet about it all under #blackcanarymusic! The music reminds me a bit of Metric, Fiona Apple and Garbage but I’m terrible with my musical tastes so just go have a listen & you make your mind up.

Seriously, I can’t WAIT for them to be selling TOUR T-shirts from Gotham, Star City & Blüdhaven!

Go buy the trade paperback of DC Comics Black Canary Vol 1: Kicking and Screaming today!