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The Walking Dead: S610 “The Next World” – Duel Review

The Walking Dead – Season 6, episode 10 – “The Next World”


Robert’s Review:

Robert  – So after last weeks big mid season return episode that had high action, chaos and big moments. We go from Savage Rick to a buddy episode “road trip” with Rick & Daryl going out for food & supplies. The two of them run into Paul “Jesus” Rovia who tricked them & steal a big cube van full of food & supplies Rick & Daryl found. More running & tracking have Rick & Daryl catch up to “Jesus” then some more fun ensues in a field which ends with Jesus saving Daryl from a Walker just before they all lose the cube van into a lake. Rick & Daryl take Jesus back to Alexandria after he got hit on his head. Savage Rick is now gone, it’s back to Planning Rick who now looks forward to growing Alexandria & looking at a chance for some future for all. Yeah, right, see how long this version of Rick lasts.

Ian – So according to the Talking Dead recap, it’s been two months since shit hit the fan so what better way to lighten the mood than a good ol’ road trip with the boys Rick and Daryl. The entire vibe of this episode was borderline uncanny as it’s so weird seeing Rick being this carefree with small things like bugging Daryl with his taste in music and coming across a van full of supplies, left unattended for free pickings.

Of course, there were some mishaps. It didn’t take long for Jesus to show up to throw in a wrench to the situation (I have to wonder why they changed his last name, just seems random) and it’s just really comical how he manages to throw off Rick/Daryl’s survivor skills with some fireworks. There’s been any real sense of dread or anything really sinister about his introduction and while he remains a bit close guarded, he never outright harms Rick or Daryl.

Perhaps one of the most quiet surprises was Rick’s reaction to the tussle between Jesus and Daryl ends up leaving the van at the bottom of the lake – Rick isn’t upset by any of it, not bothered in the slightest.  In fact, the door being left open was the thing that managed to subdue Jesus for good and he’s taken back to Alexandria for questioning.  You can also tell this is Nice Guy Rick as when they lock him up in the former room of where they held the Wolf Leader, he leaves a cup of a water and a “We’re sorry but who the hell are you” note.


Robert – The road trip was a good break from the high string previous episode. From The Talking Dead, we found out this weeks episode was a few months later and seems like everyone is recovering. The second stories had Spencer & Michonne follows him out the woods around Alexandria. Carl & Enid have their moment of tension, how Enid is looking for her reason for being in Alexandria and Carl knowing his place. The stories tied together when Carl helped Spencer deal with his now Walker mother and solidified Michonne realizing that she’s now taken more of a mother bear type roll for Alexandria. It all ended with what most of the TWD Internet fandom has wanted with Rickichonne (Rick & Michonne hooking up). Of course it’s TWD so it needs a big action ending with Jesus broken free and standing there watching a naked Rick & Michonne sleep before tell Rick “We gotta talk!”

Ian – While Rick/Daryl were having fun, the rest of the gang felt were feeling burnt out from the events from the previous episode. While the whole catalyst of it being accepting the situation as Spencer had to let go of his Mother by literally taking out the zombie verison of her, it also pushed Michonne into this mentor role. It feels a bit off that most of Michonne’s characterization is being a lone wolf but you have to factor in that Daryl and Carol both have this trait in spades. Factor in that Andrea is no longer among the living and it seems like Michonne is take over her role entirely which leads right into the last bit of shipping made canon.



Ian – While I enjoyed the weird happy Rick and sullen Daryl road trip, the rest of the episode was a drag. I never felt that Spencer was important at all so the focus being put on him was completely dis-interesting.  The Carl and Enid thing was just as dull despite Carl’s actions being kinda important but only in terms of pushing for Spencer’s development. I get that this episode was more or less a break between the chaos from the last episode and the setup for the showing off the rest of the Colonies, it just felt a bit out of place compared to the rest of the season.

Robert – I liked the episode and pacing although I almost thought the Spencer scene went too long until Carl & Enid broke it up with Carl catching Deanna Walker and leading her to Spencer. What I didn’t get was why introduce Jesus in such a fun way. Is this some foreshadowing that this is the last of the fun to be had in the show?

Rick Grimes: [returning from foraging] It was stupid of us to go out there, wasn’t it?
Daryl Dixon: Yeah.
Rick Grimes: Are we going out again tomorrow?
Daryl Dixon: Yeah…

Lastly, I loved how Rick has a nice handful of Michonne’s ass in that last scene! 😀

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