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The Walking Dead: S710 “New Best Friends” – Our Review

the walking dead season 7 ep 10 rick and spiky walker wilson

Check out our review of this weeks episode “New Best Friends” of The Walking Dead on AMC.

The Walking Dead – Season 7 episode 10: “New Best Friends”

Warning: There will be spoilers.

Some quick recapping then we’re just diving right into it…

Robert: Funny enough, I don’t have a ton to say about the episode. I thought it was pretty good with some slight issues. This week we got an introduction to a new group of survivors, more world building, Spiky Walker named Wilson was wicked & fun as hell and Rick starts down the road of being a one-handed man? Let’s get into it! So in this episode we had Rick & small crew meeting a bunch of junkyard survivors while Daryl gets to kinda know Richard but more importantly, seeing Carol for a touching re-union.

The Walking Dead season 7 episode 10: "New Best Friends" - Rick and the Heapsters
The Walking Dead season 7 episode 10: “New Best Friends” – Rick and the Heapsters

Robert: Rick & crew meeting the Heapsters, a name coined by the actress who played their leader on the Talking Dead after show and BOY did these Heapsters leave an impression. A nasty one one Rick’s right hand (hhhmmmm) where he grabbed the head of a Spiky armored Walker named Wilson. Rick tries to talk a settlement with the Heapsters to no avail and it isn’t until Father Gabriel steps up and takes a Heapster hostage by knife that they make a deal. Rick has to go to the UP UP where it leads to a bit of a trap. Rick is pushed down to fight a Spiky armored Walker named Wilson. Rick fights and defeats Wilson with Michonne’s help & support through these long tubes where she and the crew could watch the big arena like fight. This was to prove Rick’s worth to the Heapsters & their leader. After the big fight, Rick makes a deal with the leader of the Heapsters, Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) to join their cause if they bring back Guns for her Heapsters. Rick also has a moment to enjoy seeing the maze of junk the Heapsters live in and I feel, he was already planning where to fight Negan and the Saviors for an advantage. This was all too fun and creepy, off putting in a weird enjoyable way that I wanted to see MORE about the Heapsters and what else they do. Are they the origins of the Whispers? They do set traps and go after those that spring them. The entire episode could have been about the bizarre Heapsters.

The Walking Dead season 7 episode 10: "New Best Friends" - Daryl and Carol re-unite
The Walking Dead season 7 episode 10: “New Best Friends” – Daryl and Carol re-unite

Robert: Next up was Daryl’s time in the Kingdom after a small interlude to show you how much Richard is losing his cool with both King Ezekiel and the Saviors during a recent Savior supply run to the Kingdom folk. After this, Richard tries to become Daryl’s new best friend by giving him a new crossbow and leading them out to a spot where Richard plans to hit the Saviors. Richard’s plan is to hit the Saviors with Daryl’s help, lead them to the weapons stash he has and then to Carol’s house, let them kill her which will incite King Ezekiel given how much Ezekiel likes Carols. Of course, this leads to Daryl almost beating Richard to a pulp when he hears Carol’s name. Poor Richard has NO clue what he was saying as he said it, dumbass! Daryl leaves and we get a nice dramatic, tear jerking reunion with Daryl & Carol. It’s a touching moment and continues to be as Daryl lies to Carol, not telling her of the horrors that Negan inflicted upon Rick & Company, who died or such. He realized that Carol needs to be alone now for her to deal with this new reality that they’re all in. This half of the episode ends with another lovely moment of Morgan and Daryl having a scene by Shiva’s cage. Morgan thanks Daryl for not telling Carol, knowing that she would have come charging back and would have forced The Kingdom to join the fight. Daryl & Shiva have a moment then Daryl reminds Morgan that the fight is ALL that matters, leaving The Kingdom the next morning to the Hilltop and starting the war.

Robert: Overall the Daryl moments of the episode were strong both with and without Carol. Daryl & Richard are kinda two sides of the same coin for both Alexandria and The Kingdom. They need to have this chaos because they both have such passion for their people. I hope to see them both fighting hard side by side, even if Richard is a dumbass in what he says, his heart, his passion is in the right place. As for Carol, I know all the fandom want to see her kicking ass and I think she is GOING to be the plot device to spark The Kingdom into action along with the young ward of Ezekiel’s, Benjamin. I believe Richard has it right that Carols’ death would push The Kingdom into a war with the Saviors but I don’t think it’s going to happen because of Richard’s plan.

Robert: Overall, a very strong episode that did world building, introduction to new characters, new threats in Spiky Walker Wilson, new respect from Rick on Gabriel and of course the reunion of Daryl & Carol. Oh and Daryl got a crossbow again. Also Richard is an ass.

Ian: Considering how much a snorefest the previous episode, this one barely had to try but to my surprise, lots of neat things happened. So it turns out that the Heapsters (we’re coining this, we’ll make t-shirts – cash in on it)  are actually established part of the comic having shown up way back before Rick took over Alex town (this would be issue 78 in comics).

Ian: While Daryl was basically there to stand there and agree with Rick in the last episode, we finally see his resolve tested as Richard wanted to take out the Saviours at any cost but at the expense of Carol’s life , there’s some lines that won’t be crossed. The final closing part for this episode where Daryl withholds what actually happened with Negan will probably come back to haunt him but there was some real feels as Carol had a sense of comfort.

Ian: In conclusion, that spiky walker was bad ass and if the show can’t pull off the Whisperers that well, at least the Heapsters are half way there in terms of creepiness/intimidation.

Bits & Pieces

  • The music when the Heapsters are introduced was brilliant. Creepy & off putting so you dislike them.
  • Rick uses a computer keyboard to bash at the Spiky Walker Wilson (I’d also go with GWAR zombie)
  • Father Gabriel growing a pair of balls!
  • The Heapsters own language of simple words is smart, again, it’s off putting & creepy.

Next Week…

As Dwight & Eugene comes face to face with the terror that is Negan. Looks like Negan is PISSED at Dwight for the escape of Daryl. Does Eugene get a shop to start making bullets? Is Dwight really leaving Negan & the Saviors? Will her turn on them? Help Rick & crew before Daryl kills him? Looks like a Santuary, Negan, Savior, Dwight heavy episode – likely happening the same time as this weeks’ episode.

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