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The Walking Dead: S711 & S712 “Hostiles and Calamities”+”Say Yes” – Our Reviews

The Walking Dead Season 7, episodes 11 + 12 - Our Reviews

Check out our review of the last few weeks of episodes “Hostiles and Calamities” & “Say Yes” of The Walking Dead on AMC.

The Walking Dead – Season 7 episodes 11 + 12: “Hostiles and Calamities” & “Say Yes”

Warning: There will be spoilers.

NOTE: SORRY for the delay, Robert has been recovering from a bad back injury after back issues.

Some quick recapping then we’re just diving right into it…

The Walking Dead season 7 episodes 11 and 12 eugene and negan
The Walking Dead season 7 episodes 11 “Hostiles and Calamities” – Negan & Eugene

Robert: So The Walking Dead: S711 “Hostiles and Calamities” was pretty much an entire episode where we got to see what happened to Eugene once Negan took him away to the Saviors Sanctuary. Negan does a VERY smart move by “empowering” Eugene to become one of the Saviors with all the benefits and pleasures vs trying to break Eugene like he tried with Daryl. Sadly, it works, Eugene slowly falls into Negan’s web – either for his own survival or to lay low until it’s time to NOT be apart of the Saviors. The episode also revolved around Dwight and his relationship with Negan, the Saviors and saving his own skin. His wife runs off and Dwight pins it on the Saviors doctor rather than show more weakness himself after Negan punishes Dwight for Daryl’s escape. Dwight has his moment, going back to his home and leaving some food for his wife only to read a letter from her on how she’d rather be dead than live another second as one of Negan’s wives. The episode ends with both Dwight & Eugene contemplating their roles within the Saviors, good and bad.

Robert: What did I think of this episode? I LOVED IT! Again, I like seeing a smart Negan and he was smart. Eugene falls deep into taking an important role with the Saviors in being chief engineer(?) & new doctor. We also got to see the duality of Dwight, the pre-Saviors version plus the cold hearted bastard he’s become to save his own ass. Negan says it himself how Ice Cold Dwight was when the Doctor was thrown into the fire oven we’ve seen Negan use before.

The Walking Dead: Season 7, episode 11: Hostiles and Calamities - Eugene & Dwight
The Walking Dead: Season 7, episode 11: Hostiles and Calamities – Eugene & Dwight

Robert: Do I think that Eugene has joined the Saviors? Do I think Dwight is ready to leave them? That final scene does a great job of letting those questions hang in the air for us all to decide. I’m unsure of both. I think Eugene might if it means saving himself as he is a coward. Will Dwight turn on Negan? Only if they find his ex-wife who fled.

The Walking Dead: Season 7, episode 12: Say Yes - Rick & Car Army Walker
The Walking Dead: Season 7, episode 12: Say Yes – Rick & Car Army Walker

Robert: Next up, The Walking Dead: S712 “Say Yes” – this was an interesting episode which focused entirely on Rick & Michonne out scavenging for guns & supplies. Rick ends up loving his time with Michonne and keeps asking “Say Yes” to a few more days out together scavenging. The two come across a run-down carnival that was somewhat poorly secured from the Walkers with a small military force but now, they’re all Walkers. Rick & Michonne come across a large load of supplies along with many military Walkers & ammo. Of course it also means that Rick & Michonne needs to take out like over 50 walkers in this run-down carnival. During their attack, they almost get stuck in a car then fight apart, Rick climbs a rusty Ferris Wheel to shoot a deer (poor CGI deer) but then falls into a huge horde of Walkers. Michonne rushes to help but finds Walkers seemingly eating the remains of Rick and Michonne loses it, loses her cares to live, drops her sword and just as Walkers approach her, Rick bursts out of some hidden box, throws her sword and together they fight off this small horde of remaining carny walkers. Of course, our heroes Rick & Michonne make it out alive with all the supplies, guns and ammo and off to the Heapsters & Jadis. Also Rick & Michonne have a nice heart to heart talk about the upcoming war, how they MUST fight and if they die fighting, they died fighting for the freedom of all those they love despite how tragic any such loss of one another would be. Cold but true from Rick. Well done. While with the Heapsters, Rick & Jadis have a bit of a discussion on expectations. Oh and two side stories were Rosita losing her shit & Tara coming to grips with her promise about Oceanside. Rosita’s story starts with her not finding anything while scavenging, having some weird conversation with Gabriel (ANYONE understand that convo?) then headed off to Hilltop to get Sasha for a suicide mission to kill Negan. Tara ends her story with a “we have to talk” moment with Rick. Oceanside – You. Are. Fucked.

Robert: So thoughts? Well, despite the episode being totally predictable – I mean they wouldn’t kill of Rick AND Michonne in this scavenging episode, come on – I still enjoyed the SHIT outta this episode. Who wouldn’t if you’re a TWD fan, it’s your TOP heroes out on their own solo mission and coming out on top. You knew they were safe and sadly, again the Walkers who used to be a deadly force, especially when in large amounts / hordes, become nothing than busy cannon fodder to the overly experienced Rick & Michonne. I’m getting really tired of this and spoke about it on our recent BtS Radio show / Podcast w Hartley on how the lack of good Walker threat might be due to lack of good stunt work on the show. No stunt fight planned anymore, Walkers just wail about vs being a threat. Last good threat was MAYBE the bridge with Tara in the Oceanside episode “Swear”.

The Walking Dead: Season 7, episode 12: Say Yes - Rick & Carnival Walker Horde
The Walking Dead: Season 7, episode 12: Say Yes – Rick & Carnival Walker Horde

Robert: I even liked the confrontation with the Heapsters and Jadis. I’m glad that she and her group aren’t push overs and struggle with Rick for every single gun and supply. Even the fncking junk yard metal cat that Jadis wants back. “20 guns, supplies and we keep the cat. Say YES!” – Rick. Fncking great!! I enjoyed this so much because it was all about HOPE. Both the strength of gaining HOPE back with Rick, Michonne and others while the loss of HOPE for Rosita and Sasha. If you didn’t understand that reflection then you’re wanting TOO much out of this show when it’s already giving you such good stories.

Bits & Pieces

  • Ep 11: Eugene playing Yars’ Revenge vid game with the Negan wives then showing them the fun science goo experiment
  • Ep 11: Dwight leaving the pretzels & beer for his ex-wife from their old conversation
  • Ep 12: Father Gabriel telling Rosita off
  • Ep 12: Rick & Michonne keeping count of their kills
  • Ep 12: Tara talking out her worries about letting Rick & Co know about Oceanside to little Judith was cute & touching
  • Ep 12: Rosita getting attacked by obese Walker for a toy gun was a nice FU that sent her on her course

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