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The Walking Dead Season 8 Official Comic-Con Trailer

The Walking Dead Season 8 Official Comic-Con Trailer. It’s here! The new Comic-Con trailer for The Walking Dead Season 8 and man is it loaded with TONS of teasers & juicy bits for the upcoming season. Now this next season is the big WAR vs Negan, the Saviors & the Junkyard Hipsters but at times during this trailer, you wouldn’t guess that’s the case. Sure there’s lots of loading up on weapons, gearing up, fights, explosions and WALKERS! Yes, it looks like WALKERS are back to being a threat again. Perhaps Rick has realized that maybe just him & his crew are the best of the best Walker killers and Negan & his Saviors aren’t so why not use the Walkers as a weapon?

Of course, it’s The Walking Dead so it wouldn’t be the same without a inspirational speech from Rick. Darryl doing Darryl-like traps & plans and I have to agree that Negan seems lost in all of the trailer which I’m hoping is a good thing. Perhaps less is MORE from Negan moving forward.

Also that trailer ENDING… is it the big rumored time-jump where Rick awakens years later all wounded from the war? Guess we’ll find out next May!

You can see this and more on the AMC YouTube page here:

It’s all-out war in Season 8. Don’t miss the Season 8 Premiere of The Walking Dead, Sunday, October 22 at 9/8c on AMC.
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