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Batman – Black & Yellow!

Just in time for the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, Batman #50 that came out today introduces us to a New Batman costume (yet in a few months, this DC Comics universe ends so WTF?) and what is it? Batman – Black & Yellow (yellow or orange, don’t know if the colorist have sorted that out yet). Okay, cue the Wiz Khalifa song up now!


Oh right, you want to see the actual costume, well here it is – it’s basically the EXACT the same as we’ve seen Batman costume with Black, Grey and Yellow trim with big PHAT BatGloves, nice Chubby BatBoots, Neon-trim BatBelt and a streamlined Cowl (and I’m not talking about the OBVIOUS new Batlogo). I wonder how many Cosplayers are now planning out this new costume? A few thousand, I sure.
Check it out (click to make larger)…


If this neon induced costume ain’t the worst, Alfred also informs Bruce…
“When you were revived by the Dioneseum, your body was fully healed. All the years of scarring, they’re gone. You’re the fastest and strongest Batman since, well, ever.”

Oh and there’s a New Robin (Duke Mighten) that’s introduced in Batman #50 today. Cue the Batman glare…


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