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Robert’s Favourite Comic Book Covers

Okay so spurred on by this weeks episode of Talking Comics, Chris & Buzz talked about their top 5 favourite comic book covers (and more) so I thought I’d do mine (Ian feel free to make your own post of your favourite covers). Click thru to have a read through and see what 5 comic book covers rocked my world!

Justice League Vol 3 - Issue #4

Justice League Vol 3 – Issue #4: Meltdown

This comic book has a special place in my heart. First, I picked it up from a corner store NOT a comic book store (WHHAAAA? I KNOW RIGHT?!) in a time when I was really down on myself, my life and my future. It was a shitty night but this comic, from the cover through the entire book picked me up. Brought me back into the fold of comics where I’d kinda pushed them back and wasn’t collecting like I used to. This comic brought me back to going to the comic book shops, not just the local corner store and I got ALL the rest of the issues I had missed. Now, what is it about this comic book cover that just works for me? The cover art tells the ENTIRE story of what is happening inside and leaves you wanting more and guessing what’s to happen next. Very VERY few comic books manage to pull this type of feel off anymore. Very few.

Secret Wars (the original series) #10

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #10 (the original series)

With the art by Mike Zeck, this was the pinnacle of story in the big encounter with Dr. Doom & The Beyonder (not unlike what happened before the recent Secret Wars series). This comic book brought to life why I LOVE good villains so much, especially Dr. Doom. The artwork on the cover is stunning and I managed to meet Mike Zeck last year (or year before, can’t remember) at Vancouver Fan Expo and get a print signed. Just. Amazing.

The New Teen Titans (1980–1996) - Issue #13

The New Teen Titans (1980–1996) – Issue #13

The hunt for the Doom Patrol begins here and what a cover with Robotman hanging there. Again this cover SCREAMS plot, story and intrigue. WHY wouldn’t you not only BUY this comic but rip it open to see what happens?!

New X-Men (2001 series) - Issue #116

New X-Men (2001 series) – Issue #116 – the Emma Frost cover

Now I’ve stated many times in the past & to anyone who will listen that I HATE covers like this but on this occasion it worked. It works for a number of reasons but it just shows the exact nature, attitude and demeanor of Emma Frost, a former villain of the X-Men and newest member. It is the pinnacle issue of Grant Morrison’s run on New X-Men and sets a tone for the X-Men books that hasn’t been felt in ages. It made the X-Men super interesting to read, watch and enjoy again – for me at least although given sales, I’m not alone. Also FORGET the Boob window of Power Girl, Emma Frost takes it to a whole new level. I know that SEX was a big part of this X-Men series and Morrison finds a way to bring sexy back to Marvel Comics and the X-Men.

Crisis on Infinite Earths - Issue #9

Crisis on Infinite Earths – Issue #9 – The Villains cover

As I’ve mentioned, I’m a huge fan of villains and there have only been a handful of good, no great villains only comic book covers and this one tops the most of them. It was the peak of DC Comics books in the 1980’s and THE comic book event that ever happened and started the cross-over summer event books that keep happening to date. Just LOOK at all those lovely villains ready to charge at you. Again, yes they’re all in HEROIC poses but HOLY CRAP, it’s ALL the villains of the DC Comic book universe coming at YOU! How can this NOT be a stunning and favorite comic book cover?

There are COUNTLESS comic book covers that I just LOVE and wish I could also mentioned like ANY of the Planetary series, The Invisibles #1 (so pop Warhol iconic), Batman: The Killing Joke, ANY V for Vendetta cover, original Watchmen covers (it was a comic book series kids before a “graphic novel”), as Chris Hunter said – almost anything by Art Adams, original X-Force #1 is another runner up, ANY Shade the Changing Man (the Vertigo series) and almost every Hellblazer comic book, Wolverine 1st limited series, any issue of Daredevil, 100 Bullets to name just a few.

Everyone has their favourite comic book covers and I’m not a hater on whoever likes what they like. Comic covers bring that movie trailer / teaser to life for us Geeks. It’s the selling point but also the watermark for that book, a good cover can get me excited before I’ve even opened up the pages / swiping my iPad to dig into the comic book itself.

What’s YOUR top 5 comic book covers?

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