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To Boycott DC Comics or Not?

This is a very sensitive subject and I want to tread carefully here. It has come to light that DC editor Eddie Berganza has been named as sexual harasser. All the further details on this can be found here on by Rich Johnston also Comics Beat has more details. Jennifer Guzman just wrote a piece here from POV of being helpless to speak out against situations like this that are starting to come to light.

So the next question I have to ask myself is:
Should I Boycott DC Comics or Not?

So here’s my moral issue to resolve…

WHILE DC Comics & Time Warner is maintaining the employment of a sexual harasser – Should I SUPPORT Anything DC Comics related on this website? So should I STOP reading ALL DC Comic books, WATCHING any DC Comic book properties (TV or Movies) AND lastly purchasing ANYTHING that supports either DC Comics?

I know that this won’t impact my future with DC Comics as I don’t have one. DC Comics doesn’t feed me ANYTHING to post on this site. I’m just one of the fandom up in Canada who runs a tiny website that talks comics & geekdom. DC Comics likely doesn’t even know I exist but still, as apart of the comic book fandom, should I keep supporting DC Comics while they allow to employ a sexual harasser?

I’ve made such decisions before when I heard of the issues with Brian Wood, I’ve stopped supporting / talking about any of his work anymore.

I’m very torn about this as it will impact what I can / do post about on this website. I won’t stop posting other media like Talking Comics because they might be supporting DC Comics, or stop other contributors posting about DC Comics. I am just debating whether I stop supporting DC Comics until this is resolved. I ask myself this because DC Comics & Time Warner have allowed this to continue for the past 5-6 years and I supported them during those times in movies, tv shows and comic book purchases. Hell, even talking about DC Rebirth and I got up early to WATCH the bloody announcement show of theirs.

This news is sad, disheartening and upsetting. This CANNOT continue to be happening at DC Comics as a company. Such sexual harassment must be stopped. Problem is that I just don’t think DC Comics / Time Warner will do anything about it. I’m very worried that they’ll just bury the lead in the coming weeks with MORE and MORE DC Rebirth news and just hope the fandom forgets and moves on.

Dear DC Comics & Time Warner, This CANNOT BE FORGOTTEN!
Perhaps you need a reminder via a Boycott?

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  • Neil Figuracion

    This is a question I’ve been pondering as well. The thing is, if it’s just me as a reader it means nothing to the corporation, much less to the offices in question. There isn’t any organization, and no leader has yet come forward to give voice to the frustration and anger.

    A boycott of a just a few isolated individuals isn’t really a boycott. So the question I’m left with is how to make a meaningful statement.

    • splinter deepwithin

      There really isn’t a way to make a meaningful statement.

      Seems like we are going to be stuck with beloved characters being changed at will due to lack of imagination and political correctness.

      A prime example for me is the most recent episode of the flash where they are giving wally west powers when Barry Allen has only had his for a little over a year. Or how they made wally west appear as he is the same age as Barry Allen.

      Makes no sense and lacks imagination. Depending on where they go with the last couple episodes I may be completely done with the show all together.

      • Robert Parizek

        Sure there is – to think there is no way to make a meaningful statement is depressing. Think that the world is yous, YOU pick what you want to READ or WATCH. Regarding the tv shows or movies based on comics, I’m coming to the point of enjoying what I can. They will NEVER be exactly like the comic books. Accept the changes and enjoy seeing comic book heroes on the big / small screens… or don’t. I’d rather watch comic book tv shows than yet ANOTHER criminal, lawyer or medical show. Give me the fun & fantasy of comic book shows or other genre shows. Sorry you don’t like The Flash. So far, it’s one of the better comic book shows along with iZombie. I’m close to dropping Agents of SHIELD as I’m tired of their muted & boring Inhuman storyline that they cannot get away from.

    • Robert Parizek

      Please do not feel that not making a boycott isn’t a meaningful statement. NOT buying comic books is the biggest POWER we the fandom have left. If we forgot or feel that we don’t have that control then the larger corporations have won. Always VOTE with your DOLLAR and SOCIALIZE That News. Even if you only buy a few DC comics a week but if you stop and keep talking about your boycott then perhaps someone else overhears and decides to do the same and then stop buying and talk about it to their friends, suddenly you could find you have maybe 10 ppl stopping to buy those 2 DC comics a week, now it’s more DC comic books not being picked up a week. Few things start in a massive Flash Mob mentality these days, it always starts small and spreads – even Flash mods began with just a few ppl deciding to stand together.

      Stand with me and DON’T buy “believe the Hype” of ReBirth. Stand with me and NOT buy a single DC comic book until the company makes SOME type of announcement.

      Heck, come back here each week and Post comments about what OTHER comics you Bought & Read than anything from DC Comics.

      Just never feel that you’re alone in feeling frustrated and angry against DC Comics. What they’re doing is shameful and upsetting. SPEAK UP about it and Let’s Stand TOGETHER. ๐Ÿ™‚

      thanks for your comment btw.