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The Walking Dead: S707 “Sing Me A Song” – Our Review

The Walking Dead - Season 7 episode 7 - Sing Me A Song. Negan and Carl.

Check out our review of this weeks episode “Sing Me A Song” of The Walking Dead on AMC.

The Walking Dead – Season 7 episode 07: “Sing Me A Song”

Warning: There will be spoilers.

Some quick recapping then we’re just diving right into it…

Robert: This week’s episode “Sing Me A Song” broke away from world & character building and back to telling various stories to keep the main plot along. From Carl visiting with Negan on an assassination mission to Rick and Aaron out scavenging to Michonne setting up some plan with a captured Savior to Rosita and Eugene building bullets and lastly to Spencer out with Father Gabriel. Lots happened and all setting up for more to come. Let’s go over them quickly.

Robert: The show opens with Michonne collecting Walkers for a later plan. Then we get to see Rosita and Eugene head off where Rosita gets truthfully mean on Eugene to make her some bullets. It’s nice to finally have some character conflict among Ricks’ crew. This was an important moment which could help push Eugene even further and perhaps put a target on Rosita. Out on another scavenging trip was Spencer out with Father Gabriel where Spencer opens up about how he hates Rick & Rick’s leadership. Father Gabriel calls him a shit, gets out & leaves back to Alexanderia then work with Spencer. Not that Spencer cared (well, he kinda did) but he goes off to find some Walker hunter & then got a secret hunting hidden supplies. Michonne springs her plan by capturing a Savior to take her to Negan. Later we get to see Rick and Aaron out scavenging to a point of finding a house boat on a Walker lake trap. Yes, a late full of Walkers for protection. Of course Rick and Aaron decide to go for it as the episode ends. More for next week.

Robert: Now, the biggest part of the episode was Carl visiting with Negan after a failed assassination attempt. Negan takes a shine to Carl and goes through various embarrassing torment on young Carl both to show Negan’s control & power. Negan also shows Carl how justice is dealt with in The Sanctuary among the Saviors with a face melting iron attack like what happened to Dwight. Then Negan takes Carl back to Alexanderia only to come across Judith after milling about Rick’s place. We end on this scene with Negan holding Judith with Carl on the outside deck of Rick’s house awaiting Rick & Aaron to return.

Robert: Now I skipped much of what happened with Negan and Carl because what happened was at times, hard to watch Negan’s torment on Carl. The one point was Negan asking Carl to sing for him while Negan was swinging Lucile about behind young Carl. This showed how great an actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan is as Negan also well he worked with Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes. The two of them have some great chemistry, their interaction made all the scenes enjoyable. As for Negan and his torture / justice moment with a red hot iron on a Saviors face was wonderful for a villainy scene as Negan is almost Joker-like excited during it all. It was hard to watch but enjoyable if you like good villains like I do.

Robert: As for the other stories, Rosita and Eugene story was okay, perhaps build on Eugene having a bigger role given bullet making. As for Michonne’s plan, seems rushed and hopeless. Rick and Aaron doing their scavenging trip was okay but do we want be watching those week to week? Lastly Spencer was wonderful in this episode, yes he’s a douche but he does such a great job as such a jerk. You just have the feeling that Spencer will try to join the Saviors, then fuck up and end up in a terrible situation and wanting Rick & Co’s help. Of course, they won’t help him and he’ll suffer whatever fate he has before him & his selfish ways.

Ian: For once, this episode wasn’t just focusing on just a single character’s arc. While Negan and Carl make some menacing small talk, there’s more build up for Rosita’s revenge arc. I like how Eugene is an awkward voice of reason, warning her that just storming off with guns blazing won’t work like it did at the outpost raid, there’s a slower way – a more well thought method thanks to the bullet farm that Grimes’ crew has at their disposable.

Robert: Sadly, again this episode showed that Walkers again ARE NOT A THREAT and that’s getting bothersome. One issue that wasn’t shown this week was hope, seemed again like there’s no solution to Negan & the Saviors. The show needs to start building some hope for viewers & soon.

Ian: This entire season will keep on downplaying the Walker threat to keep Negan and his gang in the spotlight, it’s the sandwich between Alexandria getting over-run and the potential threat that comes after things reach their conclusion with Rick vs Negan in the final showdown.

Bits & Pieces

  • Jesus is a super sneaky ninja!
  • So Negan has a room full of wives that he “lends” out to his boys, if they say OK. Um… Ew!
  • Olivia standing up to & slapping Negan after he asked her for sex was AWESOME. Sadly, it just made Negan more excited & “into her”.
  • Daryl gets a note about escaping, will he?

Next Week…

What’s bulding up for the big mid season episode this Sunday? Rosita? The Kingdom & Morgan? Saviors & Spencer? Rick, Aaron & Lake Walkers? Negan, Ovlia, Judith & Carl having a dinner moment? A cleaned up Negan who’s kinda Rick looking? What the fudge is gonna happen?!