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Why is Batman SAD in this week’s Detective Comics?!

Find out WHY Batman is SAD in this week’s issue of Detective Comics #940 which has some MAJOR SPOILERS!!. Read on ONLY If YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW! Otherwise just go BUY Detective Comics #940 by DC Comics today. Heads up to Hartley Holmberg from the Hartley Show for the news about this!


Tim Drake aka Robin / Red Robin has been killed!



Tim Drake has been Batman’s Robin / Red Robin for over 27 years (fnck DCU in-continuity bullshit) before being killed in this weeks issue of Detective Comics. Red Robin / Tim Drake sacrifices himself to save Gotham city. The history of Tim Drake also had Captain Boomerang end up killing Tim’s father and making him an orphan like Bruce in a very dramatic story-line. Tim & Bruce had this connection that was greater to that of the original Robin, Dick Grayson, the 2nd Robin in Jason Todd or even the current Robin in Damien Wayne (Bruce’s actual son).


Now that’s the big news but it doesn’t end here and this is where I just… can’t…



So it looks like the mysterious Mr. Oz that was introduced in DC Rebirth something actually had Tim Drake / Red Robin captured. All current signs are indicating that Mr. Oz is actually Ozymandias from the Watchmen. YES. So that’s where I’m happy on one point – Tim’s not dead but on the other hand, DC Comics are SO STUBBORN with this Watchmen tie-in to the new DC Rebirth that it’s thrown me right off the DC Comics bandwagon again.

I mean, Fnck off Geoff Johns, Didio & Lee! Gah. Why not be original and NOT ALWAYS falling back on a top selling book series in The Watchmen that wasn’t apart of the DC Universe even if the original concept was. Stop fnkcing over Alan Moore’s work!

detective-comics-2016-940-012-cover-without-red-robinGo here and BUY a digital copy of Detective Comics #940 for yourself

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