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BtS Radio – August 10, 2017 – From the Hartley Lair

BtS Radio podcast returns Friday July 7th

BtS Radio – August 10, 2017 – From the Hartley Cave. WE ARE NO LONGER LIVE


Here we are and talking about a great many things (CAREFUL WE SWEAR – Even during the beginning / intro) from various era’s of different Comic Books, The Question, Blue Devil, Deadman, ShadowPact, Vertigo, New 52, 52 Series, Greg Rucka, Comic Book Creators, Artists, Geoff Johns, James Robinson, Comics, creators, Human Nature, Retailers vs Sales vs the Consumer, Marvel, DC, Movies (Man of Steel – again, Spider-Man), TV Shows (Flash, Arrow & more). We also go into Man of Steel (yet again and we had LOTS of great discussions), Justice League & Teen Titans cover art discussions.

Enjoy! NSFW: WE SWEAR! #mixlr