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BtS Radio Show DELAYED. Hulk Sorry!

BtS Radio Show Delayed

BtS Radio Show Delayed! So here we are and it’s almost 11am and you’ve got to be asking yourself, WTF is BtS Radio?! Well, sadly the show for today needs to be delayed until sometime next week. WHY?! Work, work and work that’s NOT about Between the Staples. I barely have enough time to send out this post so…


Stay tuned for more news on when BtS Radio Show will Return next week! Hopefully the stars will align and Robert can book the time to ramble on as he has a LOT to say about the state of comic books these days from Marvel’s mess called Secret Empire that just ended to the upcoming Legacy series to DC Comics Metal & all the Watchmen crap they’re doing to TV shows like The Defenders and what to expect from all the upcoming comic related shows like Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightening and others. Be there or BE SQUARE!

If you REALLY need to listen to us, check out our last 3 hours ramble with the always great Hartley here:

Thanks for understand OR if you don’t, suck it!

About the BtS Radio / Podcast

We do a podcast that is recorded LIVE via Mixlr and work hard to do at LEAST 1 recording podcast / live show a month. It’s been tough given our daily schedule but we’re working hard to keep this schedule up for this website. The podcast has had various guest-stars like our own Ian / Nadfa, Arctic Grodd and Hartley from The Hartley Show. We ramble about a great many things but often it ALWAYS starts and ends with comic books as that’s the Geek focus we all have in common.

Find ALL our podcasts here on Between the Staples:

Also check us out on SoundCloud (for as long as SC stays alive) here where we have around 10 podcasts for you to enjoy…

You can also check us out on Mixlr here:

PLUS Ian / Nafda has some great β„™π•†π•Ž! π•Žβ„π”Έπ•„! π‚πŽπŒπˆπ‚π’ podcasts on SoundCloud as well, check them out here:

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