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Fan Theories: Marvel’s Netflix Iron Fist

Iron Fist

[Wonderful panting of Iron First by DanielMurrayART –]

finn-jones-aka-iron-fist--marvel-netflixSo I’ve been wondering about how they’re going to be doing the upcoming Marvel’s Netflix Iron Fist. Here’s our article about Finn Jones being cast as Daniel Rand aka Iron Fist. Here’s my Fan Theory on how the Iron Fist Netflix show will break down given the shows we’ve seen in Daredevil & Jessica Jones.

Robert’s synopsis of his version of Netflix Iron Fist

Daniel Rand returns from training afar in China with his new master, Shang-Chi, and returns to help Rand Industries from a hostile takeover by a mysterious Mr. Xao. Upon returning, Daniel rekindles his relationship with his old flame, Colleen Wing and her friend Misty Knight. Daniel hires Colleen & Misty’s private investigation business, Nightwing Restorations to investigate Mr. Xao. Daniel keeps training with Shang-Chi who feels that Daniel needs to focus his powers, martial arts & love life. Daniel cannot yet properly control his “Iron Fist” powers, breaking many equipment during training. This frustrates Daniel who takes a break from Shang-Chi. Unfortunately both Colleen & Misty find that Mr. Xao is working with The Hand & have a bad, fighting encounter with Davos, the Steel Serpent. Colleen & Misty barely survive and it pushes Daniel Rand to train harder with Shang-Chi and track down Davos. It doesn’t take long until Daniel is challenged by Davos after Shang-Chi is kidnapped. Davos beats Daniel and leaves him beaten and broken, laughing that Daniel is not the true heir to the legecy of The Iron Fist. Daniel then tracks down Davos & Mr. Xao with Colleen & Misty’s help and end up traveling to the dimension of K’un-L’un from a warehouse in New York habour. In K’un-L’un, Daniel steps up to be the Iron Fist and fights Davos & the rest of the Immortal Weapons for the life of his friend, Shang-Chi. Iron Fist wins over the Immortal Weapons during their fights and with their help, Iron Fist defeats Davos in K’un-L’un. Returning to New York, Daniel informs Mr. Xao that he will no longer than aid from The Hand, Davos or K’un-L’un, leaving Mr. Xao now a broken man who has to answer to his disgrace to The Hand. While Shang-Chi recovers at Daniel’s home, Daniel joins Colleen & Misty at a bar that Misty knows which leads to Iron Fist meeting Luke Cage.


Colleen Wing

Peyton_List_TTP_April_2014_(cropped) Colleen_Wing_(Earth-616)_002

Peyton List has that exotic look that fits Colleen Wing in my mind. I know it’s another non-asian casting but Peyton List was amazing in The Tomorrow People and dye her hair blonde and she’s got that Colleen Wing look.

Misty Knight

misty-knight.0.0 Freema-Agyeman-as-Misty-Knight

I believe that Freema Agyeman is a great casting for Misty Knight. She’s got the spunk and maturity that I always feel is part of Misty.
Freema Agyeman

UPDATE: Luke Cage Casts Simone Missick as Marvel’s Misty Knight

Master of Kung-Fu, Shang Chi

sung-kang-935889l Shang-Chi-1Color

I feel that Sung Kang would be a great Shang-Chi, Master of Kung-Fu. Sung did a wonderful job as is “Zen” type character in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Also Sung Kang was great in the limited TV series Gang Related.

Marc Spector (aka Moon Knight)

2658001-2500322_moon_knight_1_2011_marc_spector Vice_3-23-14_0130.CR2

A lucky taxi driver who’s always around to help Danny out. Perhaps Marc helps out but if he just taxi’s Iron Fist around, that’s enough of an Easter Egg. Thomas Jane is who I’d like to see as Marc, the grizzled vet as a NY cabbie.

Mr. Xao (Master Xao)

Xao_(Earth-616) Chaoz-Brian-Tee

Brian Tee is often typecast as a villain but he does a wonderful job as one. I feel that Brian Tee could do well as the mysterious and evil Mr. (Master) Xao.

Steel Serpent / Davos

Steel-Serpent-Daredevil-750x350 byung-hun-lee-g-i-joe-2

Earlier I thought that perhaps Byung-hun Lee should be Shang-Chi but after consideration, I think he can be a better key martial artist villain in Davos / Steel Serpent. Also the Steel Serpent has been already teased in the Daredevil series as the dragon logo on the heroin being sold.


Prince Of Orphans (John Aman)

John_Aman_(Earth-616)_006 1

Tony Jaa is a stunning martial artist and he would be a great actor who can be limited in his appearance a part of the Immortal Weapons. If Iron Fist can beat Tony Jaa in a great fight it makes Iron Fist look kick ass.

Sorry I couldn’t find any other castings for the rest of the Immortal Weapons

Fat Cobra

Bride Of Nine Spiders

Dog Brother Number 1

Lei Kung the Thunderer