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Iron Fist, Captain America – Steve Rogers, Detective Comics & more – Robert’s Reviews – Comics for March 22, 2017

Robert's Comic Book Reviews for March 22, 2017 - Iron Fist #1, Detective Comics 953 & others

Hey look, I read some comic books, check out my reviews of Iron Fist #1, Captain America – Steve Rogers #14, Detective Comics #953 & Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps #17 & more…

So it should be obvious but… SPOILERS! If you haven’t read any of these books, these reviews give away plot details. Deal & read on…

Iron Fist #1 - Marvel Comics - Ed Brisson & Mike Perkins
Iron Fist #1 – Marvel Comics – Ed Brisson, Mike Perkins & Andy Troy

Iron Fist #1

If you want to jump into Iron Fist after the new Iron Fist Netflix series (which I am enjoying despite the critics), check out the latest issue of Iron Fist #1 by Ed Brisson & Mike Perkins out this week!

Is Danny losing his powers? That’s the wonderful key focus of this new Iron Fist series. Ed Brisson takes Danny Rand to a very dark world of underground fighting where Danny is looking for his Iron Fist Chi energy & power. A great question Danny asks himself, without his powers, who is he? If he is no longer then Immortal Iron Fist, who is he? Just Danny Rand and who is that? So Danny keeps moving around the world doing underground fighting when he’s not drinking some nights away. Danny’s trying to find his inner Chi, his Iron Fist power after the loss following the destruction of the magical city of K’un L’un.

Of course, things go from bad to worse for Danny and he’s invited to a tournament and the Trial of the Seven Masters. Not only does Ed bring a new change of pace to the often wise, upbeat Danny Rand we’re using to reading in the Marvel Universe but his style gives us the grit that fits it’s theme. Mike Perkins picks up on that beat and brings Danny, the fights, the scenes to LIFE with Danny almost POPPING out of panels to nail the high action. Kudos to both Colorist Andy Troy who set the tone and VC’s Travis Lanham who made Ed Brisson’s trope fighting moves that are mentioned pop.

Mike Perkins explosive artwork that makes the action in Iron Fist #1 just pop!
Mike Perkins explosive artwork that makes the action in Iron Fist #1 just pop!

I’m looking forward to see where this series goes with Danny Rand without his support of Colleen Wing, Misty Knight or Luke Cage. Even having Danny without his Immortal Iron Fist living weapons and friends from K’un L’un is a great change of pace. I’m sure Ed has lots of secrets to play out showing us a new mystical island in the Marvel Kung-Fu worlds. Who are the rest of the Seven Masters? Will Shang-Chi, Master of Kung-Fu make a great guest appearance? Fingers crossed & I’m excited to read more. Gah. I can barely wait for the next issue, can’t believe it’s like a month away…


Oh and here’s my playlist of songs I listened to this comic with. Enjoy…

Opening scenes & Danny in the underground fighting pages

Danny on the flight to Cambodia & the Vietnam fights

Danny in the Vietnam night club, meeting Choshin

I’m starting to believe that Marvel Comics finally know what they have with Ed Brisson. Ed is a potential major writer for them and other companies, I’m a huge fan of his work. I’ve been saying for years now and looks like Marvel has finally caught on, just check this out – if you want to know even MORE about Iron Fist, check out this ABC digital interview with Ed Brisson along with Alex Alonso…

Okay what else did I read? Oh yeah…

Captain America #14 - Marvel Comics - Nick Spencer

Captain America – Steve Rogers #14

The RISE of Madame Hydra from the new distorted Marvel Universe past of Steve Rogers. Nick Spencer is doing a great job with this Captain America series being the slow boil with the new crafting of Hydra leading to the upcoming Secret Empire Marvel event series. In this issue we get to see Madame Hydra go around the world and rebuild the High Council of Hydra. Poor Taskmaster & Black Antman, they go for a fun ride along with Madame Hydra. I’m enjoying where all this is going, I just wished it wasn’t yet another huge Marvel event series and would have rather it remained just in the specific issues of Captain America (both of them) & Avengers but I guess it’s supposed to be large scale Hydra attack.

Loving the full two page spread of the High Council of Hydra here. Kudos to Jesus Saiz & Rachelle Rosenberg!

Captain America #14 - The NEW High Council of Hydra
Captain America #14 – The NEW High Council of Hydra

Also dear Agents of SHIELD TV Show – THIS is how you do HIVE not what Crap that you tried to do on TV.

Captain America #14 - This is HIVE
Captain America #14 – This is HIVE

Detective Comics #953 - DC Comics - Cover Variant
Detective Comics #953 – DC Comics – Cover Variant

Detective Comics #953

Has the Batman himself been outsmarted? Is the entire team been taken down with a new threat looming on the horizon? Does Jim Gordon have a target on his head? The Mayor is dead, chaos & the Joker venom has been released to the city of Gotham. What is happening?! Well, this is a lovely issue of Detective Comics which pits the new Bat Team vs the chaos arising in Gotham. We recently became aware about Cassandra Cain being the daughter of Shiva, the deadlist woman is the DC Universe along with Cassanda herself. And just as she goes toe-to-toe in a battle with her mother Shiva for answers, Batman is lead on a goose case back to the Batcave to save Alfred while the League of Assassins ninja take out Clayface, Batwoman along with Cassandra Cain / the Orphan. All this leads to guess who?

Detective-Comics #953 - DC Comics - Who else but Ra's al Ghul?!
Detective-Comics #953 – DC Comics – Who else but Ra’s al Ghul?!

Yup. Is Ra’s al Ghul and you know what? It should be. I’ve been LOVING this title since it’s new #1 Rebirth but to me, it has NOTHING to do with that branding. It’s a great paced, well writing series with enjoyable artwork & character moments to build upon. More please!

Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps #17 - DC Comics
Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps #17 – DC Comics

Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps #17

I didn’t think after last issue where Guy Gardner took on Arkillo with NO POWER RING – I didn’t think the series could get better but the series is ALWAYS bringing it issue after issue. This week we get the fallout from Guys fight plus Hal & Kyle go to see the Guardians where they try to raise “someone” with Kyle’s power as the White Lantern (wielding ALL the emotional power rings) which seems to burn out Kyle’s White Lantern power ring which break apart to each of the rings along with his original Green Lantern ring so guess who’s back as a Green Lantern again? Kyle’s back.

Now, I was like “meh, okay” on Kyle’s return to the GL Corp. Why? I thought he made more of an impact as the White Lantern than just another Green Lantern. I really thought Kyle should have been a Blue Lantern of Hope. For me, I enjoyed the Guy Gardner story more than the Kyle story but this is what I love about this series, it actually IS a comic book about the Green Lanterns we know and have enjoyed along with various other Lantern stories. Very very enjoyable. Check it out!

Quick reviews of other books I checked out…

Teen Titans #6

I am loving this title but this episode was it’s weakest of the current run. Felt like a fill in before the new Aqualad joins the team. Issue got better once they showed Jackson Hyde. I like showing Titans having daily lives in the Titans tower but we got very little of this and I’m NEVER a fan of using a reporter to show the Titans lives story. Bugs me.

Invincible Iron Man #5

I’ve OVER the Riri Williams has been pushed on readers too much. Embrace the FUN of this book, Riri is a great new hero for the Marvel universe and THIS episode nailed that on the head, especially when Riri lips off Shannon Carter & SHIELD. What? You can’t dislike SHIELD & NOT be Hydra?! Love it!! Also the background scenes when Riri is talking to Shannon is great with a tiny Deadpool cameo / panel photo bombing! 😛

Action Comics #976

I read somewhere that this issue displayed the end of the New 52 Era of DC Comics. Um… okay? I am torn on this issue, I found is poorly plotted and had to really understand what was happening if I didn’t read more outside sources before reading this issue. So the 616 Superman & Lois pre-Flashpoint merged with the previously dead 52 Superman who Mr. Myxlplyx brought back to life along with dead 52 Lois? Is that what I’m to understand and by doing so, they remember their son Jon, right? But that means that the 616 Superman has the 52 Era taint. YUCK! 🙁

The Ultimates 2 #5

I… I think I’m took stupid to full grasp what’s going on in this book. At times on certain pages, I get it but others I find myself saying “WTF is going on now?!”. Doesn’t help that the art seems distorting to me, sometimes very crisp but others to the point I can’t understand what’s happening.

Extraordinary X-Men #20

This just felt like Jeff Lemire was putting away all his X-toys, wrapping things up before departing from all his Marvel Comics titles. It was kinda okay, felt very forgettable which was disappointing because I wanted it to end on more of a higher note than it did. Typical X-Men playing baseball comradery story.