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Marvel’s ResurrXion of retro X-Books

Seems Marvel ain’t done with the mutants, X-Men or any of such books. Spinning out of Death of X are a whole crapload of 80s & 90s X-Books all apart of the upcoming “ResurrXion” branding which is to impact both the X-Men & Inhumans worlds. Iceman, Generation X, Jean Grey, Cable, Weapon-X and today was released X-Men: Blue & X-Men: Gold upcoming new titles. Will these new X-Men titles replace Uncanny X-Men and Extraordinary X-Men? It’s unclear right now, what is clear is that Marvel editorial staff are stuck in the 80’s / 90’s of the X-Men era. By the way, there’s a few more colours left (Purple, Pink & Teal) for the Marvel editorial staff to use for more titles like X-Factor (Teal), Excalibur (Royal Purple) & Mutant X (Hot Pink)?

Some might remember that way back when Jim Lee and Chris Claremont worked together, they made two X-Men teams of X-Men: Blue & Gold. Those books were fun but they also signaled an obvious end of Chris Claremont’s run on the X-Books which lead to many failed creative team reboots & terrible story-lines.

Check out the promo art & my thoughts below…

I don’t often toot my own horn (oh bullshit!) but I did call the upcoming X-Men: Blue & X-Men: Gold books earlier in the day in a Facebook conversation with Hartley from The Hartley Show which you can see here (if you have Facebook)…

MY thoughts for the new X-Men ResurrXion titles

(along with the new promotional artwork below, click to see larger versions)


GENERATION X was the first time Emma Frost was kinda a hero (she used to be a mutant Villainess) in the X-Books working in training a group of young mutants who now headline some of the top X-Men titles, here’s hoping this book can return but with an Indie feel much like X-Static when it came out. It was fairly independent from the rest of the X-Men & Marvel Universe until Droop became stupid popular then that was pretty much the only character to stick around.


ICEMAN seems like the best for it’s own title, it could be a great deal of fun. Especially if they keep FUN as a big part of the book. Iceman has been around in the Marvel Universe and could be going on and on about how he used to be in the Defenders and such but how long with it last?! How long can Bobby run a fun solo book? Maybe 12 issues / 2 trades? That’s my worry.


JEAN GREY seems dead boring unless it’s to lead to 616 Jean Grey to return back from the dead. Seriously, what do they do with Jean Grey? Give her a cat? Have her dating Droop? I mean, what? I haven’t got a clue or even know why she’s got her own book over Rogue, Storm, M, Marrow or ANY other female mutant in the Marvel Universe.


CABLE – What the fnck do you do with this character that hasn’t been already done a zillion times since?! How do you make him not only relevant or interesting or appealing YET again?! The mystery is gone on Cable. Here’s my only thought on Cable – start completely fresh with him. Tomorrow Cable wakes up and doesn’t know WHO is he. Give him new powers, give him new attitudes, new tastes, new thoughts, new perspective on the mutants and the Marvel Universe. Now THAT *might* be appealing. Maybe.


WEAPON-X is the one book that COULD have potential if it’s done right and I think it’s best as a horror comic – showing the dark, dark side of experimentation on mutants to levels not seen. Make it an almost R-rated comic, not for tweens but specifically engage a Hannibal like vibe. Show Weapon-X continuing but by someone who X-Fans all know and used to love. Perhaps it’s Bishop & Forge doing the next level of mutant experimentation to try and survive but they’ve had to go DARK. Like beyond Dark Beast Dark. Primal fear & horror dark. Imagine this title with Bishop & Forge doing the worst of things for 6 issues before Beast stumbles upon them and then sends X-Men: Blue to hunt them down only to end up crossing paths with the new Weapon-X experiment mutants. Yeah, that would be fun to see. Never gonna happen but it would be fun to see if Marvel would try something so dark.


X-MEN: GOLD could replace Extraordinary X-Men with Storm in charge. Does this mean all new costumes? Are they still running a school or off doing the crazy adventures or both like now? What makes X-Men: Gold special? Here’s what I think – this is the public team, they work with The Avengers, the Inhumans and S.H.I.E.L.D. and run both the their team and the school.


X-MEN: BLUE may Uncanny X-Men and I’d suggest that they are the team that hasn’t changed their costumes to all matching blue X-Men unis. Blue in name alone. They’re not covert but they’re the team with the big heavy hitters, they may work with X-Men: Gold but their the X-Men who are ONLY off adventuring or getting into the shit when X-Men: Gold team cannot. Does it sound like X-Force, yeah a bit but give the team some major heavy hitters and NO rookies. All vets, all action, no messing around. Have Old Man Logan running the team, he’s no non-sense and grim enough to do what needs to get done.

SO what do YOU think of all these NEW / Retro X-Men titles to be coming out?!