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β„™π•†π•Ž! π•Žβ„π”Έπ•„! π‚πŽπŒπˆπ‚π’ – Con Edition (July 20th)

This week on Pow! Wham! Comics – it’s a pretty light week in terms of comics being released as meanwhile in San Diego, every possible media spin off from comics is making their debut to the masses, both in person at the Hall H or online.

In the first part, find out what John Constantine is up to in Hellblazer, what’s going on during Civil War 2 this week and a special cameo is in Nova.

In the second part, we’ll discuss all the announcements made at SDCC and how the big two finally realized that the internet exist as thankfully, all the cool trailers have shown up on youtube in high quality compared to phone leaks like last year’s Β SDCC.

Double the fun as we get into this part one edition of Pow! Wam! Comics – Con edition!