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Talking Comics for 04.26.17 – Flash #21, Batman/Shadow #1, Scarlet Spider #1, & Exciting Publishers?

Talking Comics for 04.26.17! Before hitting your local comic book store tomorrow, check out this weeks episode of Talking Comics April 26, 2017 with Mark & Chris Hunter! Talking Comics for 04.26.17Flash #21, Batman/Shadow #1, Scarlet Spider #1, & Exciting Publishers?

Free Comic Book Day - May 6, 2017
Free Comic Book Day – May 6, 2017
Coming soon… Free Comic Book Day – May 6, 2017! You can get Free Comics & More from Excalibur Comics, Cards, and Games! Check them out at both their locations, more details here:

From their YouTube page:

Guys, don’t forget that May 6th, 2017, is Free Comic Book Day! Both of our stores will be participating in Free Comic Book Day and we expect to see you there because were going to be giving away a ton of free, fantastic comic books that you can just come in, grab, and see what else that we have available for our fantastic customers! Don’t miss out on Free Comic Book Day, 2017!

Flash #21 continues ‘The Button’ storyline that is going on right now between the Flash and the Batman titles! These are key issues in regards to what has actually caused the new DC Rebirth event, so don’t miss out!

Batman teams up with The Shadow this week for a mystery unlike ever before! Batman is determined to find out who has killed someone in Gotham and all evidence points to Lamont Cranston, but how can that be, since he’s been dead for 50 years? As Batman is on the trail of Lamont Cranston, The Shadow is doing everything that he can to hide from Batman!

We’ve had the Clone Saga, we’ve had the Clone Conspiracy, and now we get Ben Reilly, The Scarlet Spider #1 starting this week! Everybody’s favorite clone of Spiderman finally gets his own ongoing series by one of the best creative teams ever to write and draw the character, Peter David and Mark Bagley!

Be sure and check out our News section as we discuss several big news events that are happening and will be here before you know it and don’t forget our Question of the Week because we want to know what you think about the current crop of comic book publishers!

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