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The Walking Dead: S705 “Go Getters” – Our Review

Check out our review of this weeks episode “Go Getters” of The Walking Dead on AMC.

The Walking Dead – Season 7 episode 05: “Go Getters”

Warning: There will be spoilers.

No recapping, we’re just diving right into it…

A return to Hilltop

Robert: This week’s The Walking Dead episode “Go Getters” we see what happened to Maggie & Sasha in their trip to Hilltop to see Dr. Carter about Maggie’s baby. We find out that Maggie is okay & her medical issue at the end of last season / start of this season isn’t life threatening to her or her baby. During the episode, we see that Maggie, Sasha & Jesus are defiant against the Hilltop’s car salesman type leader, Gregory. We also got to see Carl & Enid have a romantic adventure trip up to Hilltop before Carl went off to hunt down Negan.

Robert: Right, let’s get to it. Maggie. She’s BAD ASS. Sure Sasha kicks ass and tonight we got to finally see some Walkers / Zombies as a group of Saviors lit fires, opened the Hilltop gates then rolled in a noisy car to get the Walkers attention. The Savior’s plan was to come in later and save Hilltop from the nasty Walkers. Unfortunately for them, Sasha, Jesus and Maggie kicked some major ass with Maggie riding a massive tractor over the locked up noisy car and a bunch of walkers. During the attack, we also got see Maggie giving orders to other Hilltop residents to secure the gates while we saw Gregory cower to the shadows in fear. That scene alone tells of what’s to come for Hilltop. Maggie will be leading Hilltop, bet on it!

Ian: I’m glad that this episode didn’t go for the usual “let’s talk about our feelings while dealing with a walker or two” route as Maggie’s character on the show is lining up with how her comic book counter part is. Rather than try to block out or numb the pain, she’s determined to move on and the struggle to gain respect despite either being concerned about the baby or grief from Glenn’s demise, it really defines the character.

Robert: Did I mentioned Saviors? Yes, I did, Steven Ogg’s character Simon, who I plan to call Little Negan, and his group of Saviors come out the next morning to talk to Gregory & Hilltop about the loss of Saviors in their outpost (the ones Rick & crew killed near the end last season as a deal with Hilltop – thinking that was ALL of the Saviors) who were in charge of dealing with Hilltop. Now Gregory & Hilltop are to deal with Little Negan and his crew. Okay. They take things a bit far in their recent “taking” of things but obviously not enough to REALLY hurt Hilltop, or so it’s implied.

Ian: I almost forgot about Simon entirely as Dwight’s visual facial scar and Negan’s flair for enjoying everything make them stand out while Simon is just there taking care of business.

Robert: Of course, cowardly Gregory tries to give up a hidden Maggie & Sasha but Jesus thought he might and tucked them away upstairs. After Little Negan & the Saviors leave, Jesus has switched sides and Maggie make a move to stay in Hilltop. Gregory backs down from them, allowing them to stay and have what little control he still has. For now. Wonderful acting by Xander Berkley as Gregory, he drips with such slime and cowardice that you can’t help yourself but hate Gregory.

Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes – The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Robert: I did mention Carl & Enid, right? Well, Enid takes off like she does to Hilltop. Carl tags along for the trip, they come across some roller skates and have a romantic moment riding around & acting like KIDS. Some other shows (OR COMIC BOOKS) that have kids as main characters should take note! Yes, it was a fun, touching moment although I would have preferred seeing them roller skating along, holding hands and racing past a bunch of legless walkers to give more of a counter to the world their in but it still worked for me. The adventure ends when Carl & Enid get to Hilltop and see the Saviors there, while in the forest, they watch and kiss as Enid realized Carl wasn’t there for her but to hunt down Negan for what he did. I’m glad they’re showing that Enid just get scared, rushes into things but isn’t stupid. She saw right through Carl but let him come along anyways because she does care for him and knows he’d do it regardless. Sadly, she also believe Carl will die so she doesn’t believe she’ll see him again. A sad but likely truth to the world they live in now.

Ian: It’s nice that they gave Carl a bit of spotlight that was more than just being a talking point for the other characters to interact with. All too often, it’s Rick arguing with Carl or Michonne dealing with being a Mother like figure but not wanting the label to go with it, this brief story part was actually all about Carl himself. It was really nice to see that young romance kind of moment that he shares with Enid as the walker infested world doesn’t seem all that bad if people can stick together.

More Carl & Enid here…

Robert: Maggie & Sasha reunite with Enid and become a bit of a touching family up in Hilltop. I LIKED that a whole lot. I liked how Maggie was important for Enid so she made the trek to see Maggie on her own. Ending with Maggie telling Jesus to find where the Saviors base is then he sneaks into the back of the truck only to find Carl. The slight smile on Jesus’s face is great.

Ian: It’s a Jesus and Carl Team Up for next week, ah yisss!

Robert: Lastly, I really liked this episode as it strengthens the world building that The Walking Dead is doing this season. Many past seasons, we’ve only seen one, maybe two different areas with Rick & crew. Now we’ve seen the growth of the world around Rick & crew that there are both dangers, allies and more around them. We’ve seen the dark depths with Daryl’s episode and now Hope for a better future in this week’s episode. ALSO we FINALLY had some Walkers who can do more than background scenes, even if they died – they were a threat! Walkers haven’t been a threat so far this season. Well done everyone on The Walking Dead. Well done!

Ian: While this episode was light on world building compared to The Kingdom being introduced, it wasn’t just a reaction episode either. Some character progress was made with Maggie and Sasha, Jesus did a sweet round house kick to a Walker and Carl/Jesus All Star Team Up bit should be entertaining – pretty solid episode overall.

Bits & Pieces

  • Jesus with the Ninja fighting skills ROCKED!
  • Carl shouldn’t drive with his lack of depth perception! Aka backing up into a Walker ended their joy ride.
  • Sasha enjoying a cigar while sharpening her knife was a nice touch back to Abraham.
  • Glenn’s pocket watch. Slimy Gregory took it, Maggie took it back (after a great punch on Gregory) & gave to Enid. Nice touch.
  • A Savior welded a middle finger on the back lack of the noisy car FTW!
  • Enid putting the green balloons for Glenn on the wrong grave was another touching moment.
  • Simon Little Negan taking Gregory’s secret Whisky stash & saying he’s giving it to Negan from himself was AWESOME! More Simon / Little Negan!
  • Maggie took Glenn’s last name. That was another nice touch.

Next Week…

What happened to Heath & Tara on their two week supply run? Guess, we’ll find out…