Comics Movies Rant

Why do I hate Batman & Superman movies?

I thought perhaps I should put this out there so people can know my stance on these movies and why I’m not a rabid foaming at the mouth geek of these crappy movie versions of great DC Comics characters. I’ll keep it short as I’m known to ramble on.

Batman doesn’t use guns. It’s very simple.

  • Chris Nolan never understands Batman or any DC Comic characters. They’re all pretty hollow and broken to fit the poorly scripted movies vs the legacy that the comic books have.
  • Superman doesn’t kill. It’s very simple. Man of Steel was about another guy Kryptonian on Earth but it’s not Superman. Regardless of his age, Superman can do the impossible so WHY kill? Because of stupid plot & another director who doesn’t understand the characters in Zac Snyder.
  • Batman: The Dark Knight was a blah movie with some brilliant acting by Heath Ledger doing his own, original version of The Joker. Sadly it overshadowed a better character in Two-Face who never got a chance to shine before being written out by, again, poorly written & stupid plot device.
  • Batman doesn’t use guns. It’s very simple. A gun is the instrument of death that took away his parents so he never uses them.
  • I’m not a fan of Batfleck.

Now look here… from the latest BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE – Official Trailer #3

Batman has a gun. Fnck Zak Snyder.

I don’t care if Batman is going up again Darth Vader, Batman doesn’t use a gun. Yes, this makes Batman look weaker, unprepared & a target. A target just like that Bat symbol on his chest. Please do under estimate him, that’s his strength. That’s how he wins.

So… if I feel like both The Batman & Superman that I enjoy is being misrepresented, why the Fnck would I go and watch!?