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BtS Radio podcast archive for Feb 1, 2017

Between the Staples Radio Show archive podcast for Feb 1, 2017

The Between the Staples LIVE radio show is now over but you can listen to the 2 hour archive of the show here as a podcast! Enjoy and please note that it took me a few minutes to get things going properly so bare with me (plus NSFW!)…

I talked and rambled on a great many things like: Marvel Comics, Civil War 2, Bendis, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Bruce Banner, The Hulk, Monsters Unleashed, Red Skull, Cosmic Cube, DC Comics, Batman, Rebirth, DC Rebirth, Green Lantern Corps, Teen Titans, Titans, Wally West, Superman, Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow & the Legion of Doom.